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Motuo Museum

Motuo Museum

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"Ye Erjin Tibetan DAY8/9| Dream Plateau Gudao Motuo D8Bomi Yuemoto D9Mutuo Yuemoto is really very lucky, originally because of yq, I thought that I didn't have the opportunity to go, I didn't expect to reopen in June, many people have not had the opportunity to go to Tibet many times. I arrived. Why is it that many people can't give up their dreams? Motto is also known as "Boaobai Magang", meaning "secret lotus" in Tibetan, which is in full bloom in the eastern Himalayas, adjacent to India, the town is only a dozen kilometers away from India. The popular "last county town to the country" is enchanted by the mysterious and inaccessible places. You want to see the original, Murtaugh. Sights Raiders: ① The beauty along the way covers the basic variety of landscapes, all the beautiful are not charged, all the way around the cloud and fog, the original forest landscape is like ink painting, glaciers, waterfalls, forests, streams, those places where hundreds of tickets are elsewhere, as long as you come here, it has. ② The Yarlung Zangbo River Fruit Pond Big Bend Fruit Pond Big Bend Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon main section is in Meto, the general fjord is 90 degrees, or less than 90 degrees, the fruit Pond Big Bend can almost see 180 degrees across the full length, the whole seems to be very fast. ③Mertou Mencius Historical and Cultural Heritage Museum Motou Museum knows the history and culture of the Mumba Moba Nationality. You can listen to the explanation for free with the tickets of Motou, and listen to many interesting stories. The museum roof can take a panoramic view of Motou, and photographers should not miss it. ④ Good Days Lotus Square Lotus Square was built in 2003 as the third batch of Tibet aid project in Guangdong Province. Great place to walk after dinner or early morning, so you feel comfortable with the constant oxygen shock, the scenery is relatively modern, you can walk around nearby, it is not recommended to make a special trip to the niche travel destination, the most beautiful travel destination, Tibet, China, the most beautiful travel destination Travel Raiders, Tibet Travel Raiders, Travel Dried Goods, Travel Raiders 2020 My Self-Driving Travel Tibet Self-Driving"