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Haiyang WorldNearby City

Haiyang World

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"When you mention the aquarium, you will think of the blue water and the sea fish of the sea world. Northwest Xining children to see these beautiful fish, it is simply more difficult than climbing into the sky. Xining's aquarium of small animals, the undersea world, into the inside, as if in the undersea world, the sea will surround me, colorful fish swimming past me. Today, Xining to appreciate the sea world wonderful, has been easy. The park also combines the characteristics of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the introduction of the Qinghai Lake nude eel, the only one in the world with the high-altitude species of eel showcased marine park, for the survival and breeding of marine life in the high altitude area of a good research base. The aquarium has various kinds of pets, including animal viewing interaction, science education, animal protection and other features and functions, can fully experience the close contact between human and animals. This is a future world full of childish and dreamy colors, the aquarium is fish in the sea. The fish of all kinds can not count, familiar, strange, growing in various waters. The seawater living show area has turtle pond, coral, fish column, jellyfish shrine and other marine animals and plants display projects. The fish column is the largest open-up exhibition tank in China. They float in the water, like the flower in the garden, fighting brilliantly, gorgeous; They are like parachutes floating in the air, graceful, and in a thousand. These crystal clear creatures, with their silky bracelets, will lead you into the azure blue dream world."