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Army Horse Rance of ShandanNearby City

Army Horse Rance of Shandan

4.4/5185 Reviews
Ranked No. 2 in Shandan Can't Miss Attractions
"I never liked to write a review, but here I must come a praise. I took a group of old classmates chartered the northwestern loop for 6 days, but later felt not addicted, want to ride a horse, so drove from Xining to Shandan Jun Racecourse. The scenery is like a paradise, surrounded by the green mountains in the distance, the mountains have white snow, the occasional yellow wheat or canola field inlaid in the green grassland, the white clouds in the distance to increase the landscape layer, all is especially beautiful. In the morning, the view falls in the next place, walking quietly, in the mind many things are relaxed, special relaxation. The main purpose is to ride a horse, the horse is gentle, I only shout "driving", can run up, trot some bump, in the good grass even shout a few loud run up, the horse legs are all stride is particularly stable, the feeling of the horse is particularly good. But in August, the horses were tired, and I was reluctant to ride. I thought, as long as I had the conditions, that in June, the horses came to run when they were fat and healthy for a few days. In Shandan, I met two Marines on leave and raced happily together. I was a novice, but I loved riding. The horse needs to pay attention to the height of the ankle, put a certain weight on the foot, follow the undulation, so that not bumpy back pain, imagine riding mountain bike encounter a bump situation, a little rear lift, relax a bit, it is very happy."