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Top Things to Do in Shanghai Disney Resort 2021



103 things to do found in Shanghai Disney Resort
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Theme Park
Damengweicheng Huoche Moxing Mini World Theme Amusement ParkNearby City

Damengweicheng Huoche Moxing Mini World Theme Amusement Park

4.7/576 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Open from 10:30am-7:00pm (Local time)
"Bought a parent-child card and took a small mango to see the mini-exhibition [color] This is purported to be the world's top full-immersion, all-round, three-dimensional sensory dynamic experience of the indoor amusement park [small] when I arrived, it was a little disappointing. Because the museum is a little small to see from start to finish, but it was very quickly beaten, we went for a long time, if you calm down you will find it is a place to stop and watch very little for a long time [cavities] [cavities] This is 1:87 Miniature world, with rails, In addition to these, there are various trees 🌲, different styles of buildings, along with the train 🚄 taking us through the snowy Winter Olympic Resort, docking at the old city station, passing the port and industrial area, It's even more amazing to be in the quiet countryside, where nights and days alternate every half hour, and we've seen at least three nights and wondered how long we've been there, with little light bulbs, lighting up the mini world. Don't ask me how I wrote it so clearly because I took the directions: five areas, the snowy mountain city of Candy A, the original is the Alps, you can see ski resorts, snowy mountain towns, a lot of life scenes, The most impressive thing I've ever seen was the car crash scene, which was so lifelike, the window was broken, the car was down, including stretchers, ambulances, etc., it was so wonderful."
Huoyingrenzhe WorldNearby City

Huoyingrenzhe World

4.6/577 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Open from 01/01-12/31,Mon-Fri,10:00am-6:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,10:00am-9:00pm (Local time)
"Take the time to come and see when you are on a business trip nearby. The scene is great. It is a memory of youth. The only thing that feels awkward is that the last exit of the blog is too much. Maybe everyone thinks that the blog is a continuation of the fire shadow. (Personally feel that the wind and blog do not connect) There will be a video when you pass through a corridor. I am watching the blood rushing 😂 is a fragment and text in the cartoon (the content is not disclosed); The village part of the scene is not one to one but also very careful; There is an immersive theater that has a more exciting, hot blood, moving video. The floor and three walls designed by this room are screens. The other wall is glass, as if I were in this scene (immersion type), I sat on the ground and watched 😂😂😂 four or five times; Another room is a memory killing, from the beginning of each class to put photos to the Boren turn, from here Boren turn to show more faces; Next to the two rooms is a VR theater with a clip of the Battle of Ending Valley (Survival of the Mantra) and a chair with a great experience. Oh, there is also a big snake pill laboratory (as if called this name), not so scary, after all, Aunt Snake 😝 (sex ~) is believed in science, ps: want to "steal" the big snake pill model that spits the tongue; Others are not introduced one by one, the exit is a fire-film version of the like secret room escape game without spending money, three people team into play, one person can also, although I went in without success, but the experience is full (one person is not happy), The exit is connected to the shops around the buy, and the sales are some surrounding areas. The badge and hanging pieces inside are cheaper than the one in the previous exhibition of the pirate king. You can get a few more, but the other prices are not cheap. You can see a fire shadow from the surrounding shops. A street for dining, I have no boss and no customers. Little bit of a lot, in fact, I am very excited to play today, but no one around this thing no one to share, come here to say." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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