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Popular Art Exhibitions in Guangzhou

Shamian Island
6,215 Reviews
8.9km from downtown
Historical Architectures
Featured Neighborhoods
"The sand surface is the sandy bank formed by the Pearl River, and it is named sand surface. It is the epitome of the history of modern China and the history of the concession."

Reasons to Recommend: Shamian is a former concession area and a must-visit attraction in Guangzhou. The area here is not large, but it is full of European traces dating back to the 19th century English-French concession. There are many beautiful and intricate historical buildings, statues, pavilions, flower beds and fountains. Today, Shamian is filled with many cafes, fine dining restaurants and bars, etc. It is a good place to spend your evening.

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Guangdong Science Center
8,035 Reviews
11.6km from downtown
Science & Technology Museums
"The biggest technology center, the pride of Guangdong Province! Interesting, can deepen the understanding of children through interaction, and the projects inside are super, basically can meet the needs of a day's trip."

Reasons to Recommend: Guangdong Science Center is located in Guangzhou University City. Its overall architectural structure seeks to embody "scientific aircraft carrier". From a bird's eye point of view, it looks like a kapok. Its shape is very unique. The museum has 12 permanent exhibition pavilions, 4 science and technology theaters, an outdoor science exploration park, and dozens of outdoor exhibitions. It is a scientific paradise that has always fascinated children.

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Lingnan Impression Park
6,148 Reviews
13.9km from downtown
Cultural Areas
"It is worth punching in, there are many shops, and there are many small items. Young people especially like it. There are more small restaurants. It is quite convenient to buy some small snacks. The lights are brilliant at night, everyone walks to play, leisure and entertainment is good."

Reasons to Recommend: Lingnan Impression Park is located in the south of the University Town of Panyu District. It is a special Lingnan traditional culture theme park. Here you can see civilian houses of a typical Lingnan water town, with features such as Erlang walls and Manchuria windows, and experience Lingnan folk customs and Lingnan folk culture. You can watch a lion dance, blow a sugar person, knead a flour person or play nostalgic games such as wielding the diabolo and skipping ropes. All these activities remind people of the old times. There is also a rich variety of traditional cuisines here. It is a great place to learn about traditional culture.

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Sacred Heart CathedralBusiness Suspended
1,532 Reviews
7.1km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"The Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral is the most magnificent and distinctive cathedral in the Catholic Diocese of Guangzhou. It has a history of more than 130 years. A church is the best name card of a city, like music and art, is part of the city's soul."

Reasons to Recommend: The Sacred Heart Cathedral is a Catholic church in the Diocese of Guangzhou. Now it has become a classic representative of Guangzhou's exotic customs. At the front of the church there are a pair of towering stone twin spires. There are four big bronze bells from France in the middle of the tower. The arched domes, stained glass windows, and lattice windows in the church are all charismatic elements in the Catholic Church.

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Butterfield & Swire's Godowns & Wharf
603 Reviews
9.2km from downtown
Featured Neighborhoods
"Taikoo warehouse is a old and renovated commercial area on the edge of the Pearl River near the Shayuan in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. It was originally a large warehouse with convenient storage and transfer of goods from the Pearl River. After the renovation, the original warehouse has become a shopping mall, cinema and creative park. The original pier has also become a riverfront style of restaurants and bars, the night lights are even more beautiful, until the late night is still popular."

Reasons to Recommend: Butterfield & Swire's Godowns & Wharf is located in Haizhu District of Guangzhou City. It is an important historical relic of Guangzhou's modern foreign trade and port transportation. It is a continuation of the history and culture of the ancient Chinese Maritime Silk Road. After nearly a hundred years of historical vicissitudes, I have witnessed the changes in social history. Taikokang Wharf is a comprehensive and perfect business plan. It is quiet and dynamic, and there are new in the old. It provides visitors with a comprehensive view, eating and living facilities. Visitors can clearly feel the richness of history and culture. And charm.

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Xiaozhou Village
379 Reviews
9km from downtown
Ancient Villages
"Xiaozhou Village, anciently known as Weizhou, is located at the southern end of Guangzhou. It was built in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties. It is the most characteristic ancient village in Guangzhou City ..... Xiaozhou Village has retained the characteristics of Lingnan Water Town. The small bridge flowing water family, its residential houses built along the river, and the residents live on the river. The hundred-year-old house everywhere, the ancient ancestral shady sun, the crisscrossed, into the village seems to have entered a Lingnan folk museum."

Reasons to Recommend: Xiaozhou is a small village, which faithfully retains the rural landscape of old Lingnan region to this day. The village also has cafes, tea houses, eateries, and art studios, and is a favorite destination for young artists. With local homes lining the river, and ancient, century-old banyan trees everywhere, the living environment here is extremely beautiful. A unique feature of the village are the oyster shell houses, which are constructed mainly with oyster shells. These houses demonstrate the wisdom of the ancient villagers of Xiaozhou. Xiaozhou has many ancestral halls, which are paved with strips of bluestone and feature high-rise eaves. They are truly worth a look.

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Sun Yat-sen University
866 Reviews
5.3km from downtown
"There are four lakes in Zhongshan University, also known as the "Four Lakes of CUHK". Each is named after its location: the East Lake with lotus flowers surrounded by green trees; the Great King coconut tree standing by the rectangular pool of the North Gate; the West Lake with the jade three-hole bridge and the water; the Northeast Lake has pine garden, also known as pine garden lake."

Reasons to Recommend: Founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Sun Yat-sen University is a well-known university in China, and the South Campus receives many visitors each year. The south campus is the former Lingnan University, with many quaint red brick buildings surrounded by lush trees and beautiful scenery. You can enjoy the academic atmosphere and walk down the tree-lined boulevard on campus, and see Sun Yet-sen's ten character school motto.

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TIT Creative Park
255 Reviews
4.2km from downtown
Art Districts
"Carrying a city of memories of the old times!!! This is a witness to the industrial years of the past. Recording the modem leisure of the modern people, it is quietly away from us..."

Reasons to Recommend: After passing through the traffic, I came to the TIT Creative Park on Xingang Middle Road, and I immediately felt refreshed. This seems to be a blessed place isolated from the world. There is no busy traffic in the park. Walking on the wide red brick road, I instantly feel the interest of strolling in the courtyard. An exhibition board is set up in the park to introduce the past and present of TIT Creative Park. When the park was renovated, the original buildings and historical information in the factory area were preserved as much as possible, and the reuse of abandoned industrial facilities was emphasized. For example, many mechanical equipment were moved to the open space and grass, and became sculptures directly. to be new and unique. At the same time, the park has introduced innovative, fashionable and modern elements, taking into account the economic feasibility, attracting a large number of fashion designers to open studios here. A WeChat studio is also in the park.

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Guangdong Museum of Art
186 Reviews
3.7km from downtown
Art Museums
"[Interesting] The plan to go to the # Guangdong Art Museum to see the exhibition was delayed by the birth of Yiyue for almost two and a half years. It was really exciting to be able to re-visit the collection of the 2007 museum celebration 🥰 must be punched [price/performance] good"

Reasons to Recommend: Guangdong Museum of Art is located on the beautiful Ersha Island, next to Xinghai Concert Hall. The environment and facilities are first-class. It is a provincial-level art museum that is open to the public free of charge. There are exhibitions here all year round, which is a good place to appreciate art. The sculpture park outside the museum is also worth seeing.

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TOP 10
Shidai Gallery
119 Reviews
10.3km from downtown
Art Museums
"On the gallery side, there are some art that is hard core, that is, the architecture and the feeling of concrete, so it seems to be a little more modern, or a certain sense."
TOP 11
Christian Dongshan Church (East Gate)
124 Reviews
3.3km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"The East Mountain Church of Christianity is a new building with a 2-story reinforced concrete structure. It has a 3300 square meter building and a main floor area of over 1000 square meters. There are chapel, side hall, Sunday school and other buildings and wide spaces. The church has a 1,300-seat rotunda where believers pray and worship"

Reasons to Recommend: Christian Dongshan Church, originally called Dongshan Baptist Church, is the largest Christian church in Guangzhou. Every Sunday, devout believers will gather here to convey their hearts and wishes to the holy Christ. At the beginning of the 20th century, a large number of returned overseas Chinese built private residences in Dongshan, including many Christian missionaries. Dongshan Church is the first year of Xuantong, which was established by American missionaries in 1908. It can be said that it is a testimony to the rise of Dongshan. During the Cultural Revolution, church activities were forced to stop, and this place was occupied as a public area for the people of Dongshan District, such as a nursery and a public kitchen. It was only taken back in 1987 for the church to use. The current Christian Dongshan Church has a chapel, an auxiliary church, a Sunday school, etc., as well as a fish pond, a garden and a rest pavilion. The architectural style of the main chapel is simple and solemn, and it is a Gothic building, which is very beautiful.

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TOP 12
Kuiyuan 1922 Art Gallery
55 Reviews
3.6km from downtown
"The garden is three stories high and the red bricks on the outer walls are still well preserved. Outside the restoration and protection of the building shell, the inside is remodeled and incorporated with new elements. The current floor is a cultural exhibition hall, which will be changed basically in more than a month, free of charge, and everyone is welcome to see different art exhibitions. The second floor is a shopping shop, where you can find a unique design. The third floor is a coffee shop. If you are tired, you can sit down and have a cup of coffee and slowly feel the leisure time. The new transformation has cast a new soul for this cultural heritage building."

Reasons to Recommend: Kui Garden is one of the five overseas Chinese gardens. It was built by Ma Zhuowen, an American overseas Chinese. It was built in 1922. The building is well-preserved, and it also maintains the previous red brick structure. When the Third National Congress of the Communist Party of China was going to be held at that time, a particularly inconspicuous hut was chosen. The representatives who came to Guangzhou used this building with the obvious 1922 as a reference and contact, so it gave Kuiyuan a special meaning. Kui Garden has now been rented by several young people and opened as an art gallery. The first floor is a gallery, which holds some exhibitions from time to time, and the second floor is a cafe.

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TOP 13
1850 Creative Park
79 Reviews
9.6km from downtown
Art Districts
"1850 Creative Park is located in the Liwan District Huadi Avenue No. 200, the entrance of the bus Xiafang Village Station, the subway station is a bit far, the traffic is relatively convenient. This creative park was originally a factory, but later the factory was closed, after the transformation into the present creative park. The 1850 Creative Park has restaurants, office space, wine and tea, as if there is a shortage of cigarettes. The buildings in the Creative Park are all remodeled from the factory buildings, and look beautiful. It is also a beautiful thing to walk and pat here."

Reasons to Recommend: 1850 Creative Park is located at No. 200 East Fangcun Avenue, Liwan District, Guangzhou. The park was transformed from the Jinzhujiang Hydrogen Peroxide Plant, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters and a total construction area of more than 30,000 square meters. It consists of 76 well-arranged workshops. By utilizing and transforming old workshops, we will create a tasteful space for artistic creation, design, frequent exhibitions, cultural exchanges, and office life. The area of a single building ranges from 100 square meters to 3,000 square meters, and many creative industries such as advertising media, architectural design, art creation, cultural relics trading, handicraft design, fashion design, film production, software development, music, performing arts, publishing, TV broadcasting, etc. will flourish here. 1850 Creative Park will become a taste space for Guangzhou fashion exhibition, art creation, cultural exchange, office life and a large complex cultural community integrating culture, commerce, exhibition, tourism and education.

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TOP 14
Shiweitang Railway Station
88 Reviews
10.6km from downtown
Historical Architectures
"Bring your camera and take a photo at this century-old railway station This is the earliest railway built in Guangdong. Construction began in the 27th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1901), and it was opened to traffic in September (1903). From Guangzhou Shiweitang to Foshan Sanshui, the whole line is 48.9 kilometers. Guangzhou fell in 1938 and was demolished by the invaders. It resumed operations after restoration in 1945, and ceased passenger transportation in March 1992. Now it is only used for freight (handling general cargo, dispatching and dumping business). There are memories of the older generation here, the only way to travel to and from Foshan~ Look at the rails that guide the direction of the train, parallel, straight, curved, crossing, and extending into the distance... More and more people are taking pictures on the railroad tracks, because there are time-honored freight trains, rusty railroad tracks, flashing signal lights... and the light here is soft, there is the kind of passing years that are like water. a feeling of."

Reasons to Recommend: Shiweitang Railway Station is a second-class station on the Guangmao Railway Line. It is located on Shiweitang Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It was put into use in 1903. At present, Shiweitang Railway Station still retains the freight business, and only a few century-old buildings remain in the station: an 80-meter-long platform with a steel-framed fishbone roof, a railroad track with turnout lights and terminal warning signs. , Built in 1922, the "Octagon Building". At the same time, Shiweitang Railway Station has also become an outdoor shooting location for photography enthusiasts in Guangzhou. Almost every month, film studios and TV crews come to this station to shoot.

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