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Instagram-Worthy Locations in Guangzhou

Yongqing Lane
512 Reviews
9.3km from downtown
Art Districts
"In 2006, the project was officially launched, and after continuous exploration and improvement, the urban renewal model of "micro-reform" was determined. This reforming thought follows the principle of "repair old as old, build new as old", adopts the method of finely carved repairing and reforming, and well retains the overall style and spatial texture of historical buildings, and introduces the literary and creative industries, which adds vitality to the historical block. Yongqing Square has regained vitality, the living environment has been greatly improved, and the historical context has been continued. Today's Yongqing Square, both retain the original "Guangfu" culture, and fashionable urban elements into it, as a new cultural landmark and "net red" attractions in Guangzhou City."
Sacred Heart CathedralBusiness Suspended
1,532 Reviews
7.1km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"The Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral is the most magnificent and distinctive cathedral in the Catholic Diocese of Guangzhou. It has a history of more than 130 years. A church is the best name card of a city, like music and art, is part of the city's soul."

Reasons to Recommend: The Sacred Heart Cathedral is a Catholic church in the Diocese of Guangzhou. Now it has become a classic representative of Guangzhou's exotic customs. At the front of the church there are a pair of towering stone twin spires. There are four big bronze bells from France in the middle of the tower. The arched domes, stained glass windows, and lattice windows in the church are all charismatic elements in the Catholic Church.

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Jiulonghu Resort
373 Reviews
38.6km from downtown
"The attractions are quite exotic and take pictures. The overall feeling is very comfortable, suitable for couples' families to travel, the play time is not long, one or two hours, overall it is relatively easy, and it is also very suitable for a place to take wedding photos."

Reasons to Recommend: Jiulonghu Resort is located in the northeast of Huadu District. The mountains are surrounded by reservoirs and dense forests. The air is fresh and pleasant, and the environment is very good. The resort has a natural swimming pool, parasailing, speedboating, water shows, children's playground, green barbecue area, golf course, and more! The European-style garden villa is very popular.

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Tianhe Tangxia Zhihui Park
76 Reviews
5.1km from downtown
Art Districts
"Tianhe Zhihui Park, is the Guangyuan Road, no direct subway, if the west to the east is really a bus to the west, but east to the west there is a bus stop at the entrance. I heard that there is a net red street in Du, but when I enter, I feel not much like it, because the door location is the car market, like a 4s store. Then go inside, first see the net red street. In the morning, there are not many people. The street decoration is basically foreign style, traffic lights, color cars, station signs, telephone booths, yellow leaves, motorcycles, but the most intimate is the street 7-street qiang guangdong dialect exhibition. If you have not asked for a pose, a short time to finish the film, compared to Xiamen a net red street, it is not Gan dense, all are the same style."

Reasons to Recommend: Zhihui PARK Park is located at the junction of Guangyuan Expressway and Keyun Road. It was renovated from Guangzhou Zhongsen Shibohui, and the renovation and upgrading are carried out on the basis of retaining the original building structure. The project is positioned in the pan-entertainment science and innovation community, integrating ecological multi-scenario office and diversified business facilities, including entertainment, sports and art exhibitions. Therefore, the original movie theater, parent-child education institution, etc. were preserved in this renovation, and the restaurant part was also reserved on the first and second floors of the street of "Drunken Guangzhou".

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Guangzhou B.I.G Creative Park
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9.6km from downtown
Art Districts

Reasons to Recommend: Guangzhou B.I.G Creative Park is located in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City. The architectural style in the park is very special. Although the park is not large, everything is very delicate. The exterior walls are covered in graffiti, and there are laser staircases, which are also very popular. There are also many Korean-style cafes and bookstores in the park. There will also be retro cars on the streets outside the stores. People who like to take pictures can make a concave shape here.

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Light of ShudeBusiness Suspended
18 Reviews
8.7km from downtown
Art Districts
"[View] [interesting] [Cost-effective] good"

Reasons to Recommend: The Light of Shude is located in Zhuhai District, Guangzhou. It is a new and good place for exhibitions, photography and afternoon tea. This is an old factory building that has been renovated. The facilities are very new. The first floor is a coffee shop and handicrafts, the second and third floors are bookstores, and there are some retro toys to enjoy. Pick a good book and enjoy the beautiful time quietly.

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