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Haleiwa TownNearby City

Haleiwa Town

4.3/539 Reviews
Ranked No. 2 in Hawaii Beautiful Beaches
"Starting from Waikiki, Honolulu, all the way north to the small town of Haleiwa, the most beautiful scenery is on the road. On the road, the two of them drove open mustangs, enjoying the speed and passion, watching the North Shore sea, and getting off the car at any time to play. This is the charm of self-driving~ The original plan for self-driving in the US during the Spring Festival this year was delayed by YQ and cancelled all orders. Recalling my last self-driving experience in Hawaii, the United States, cloud travel... I booked the open-top Mustang in advance for about RMB 800 a day. The color cannot be chosen. The color is randomly given at the store on the same day, and the black open-top Mustang was finally given. The cars I saw in the dealership were basically dark, and I didn’t see a bright one, which is also strange... Living in Waikiki, the address is in the International Market Place mall. It is very convenient to find. After returning the car, I was in the mall. Buy, buy, buy~~~ Take pictures immediately after getting the car, especially where there is damage. Fill up the gas before returning the car, support unionpay payment! When returning the car, empty all the items in the car, especially valuables. There is no navigation in the car. It is recommended to bring an extra mobile phone to download the google map, and you can use the selfie stick to hold the mobile navigation."
Turtle BayNearby City

Turtle Bay

4.4/520 Reviews
Ranked No. 11 in Hawaii Beautiful Beaches
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"North Shore is a must-see place for everyone who comes to Oahu by car. Turtle Bay Beach is also a must-see~ Here you can see large sea turtles and monk seals, and 0 distance contact with nature~ It is super convenient to follow the navigation and drive! We drove here directly after the shrimp meal~ there are plenty of parking spaces. Turtle Bay Beach is in Turtle Bay Resort. You can visit for free if you don’t check in. You can see large sea turtles and monk seals on the beach. It's a pity that we didn't see anything the day we went, but after a long time in this resort, I fell in love with this hotel! Compared to Waikiki, there are almost no Asians here, all with European and American faces. Most are family trips. Children are digging for sand everywhere on the beach, while adults lie on deck chairs and sunbathe. Although I don't like to go to crowded places, the state of this leisurely vacation is really enviable! If you want to relax, it is recommended to stay here for a few nights. The price is similar to that of a five-star resort in Waikiki, but the parking fee is also great! There are no restaurants nearby, so eating and drinking must be settled in the hotel. If you don’t stay, you can play on the beach. The sea here is not suitable for surfing. Swimming in the sand is still a good choice. There are also many beaches in the surrounding area worth visiting. The next stop is the sunset beach, which is another style of beach."