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Linyi International Movie CityNearby City

Linyi International Movie City

4.3/5121 Reviews
"Film Studio"
"In the autumn season, the flow of people is particularly small. It feels like a private parking lot. The parking lot is free. The huge parking lot has only three cars. I heard from the people inside that it is in the off-season and there will be more people around the Spring Festival because there are performances. Now this season, it’s quiet inside, surrounded by antique buildings, strolling in it, I feel that the whole mood is quiet, it has a different charm, the golden willows on the riverside, the small fishes in the pond..., the wind blows gently, around The sound of crackling came to mind in the chestnut garden, and it fell to the ground. With the consent of the owner of the chestnut garden, we picked a few randomly, which was very sweet and refreshing. Although there were only a handful of eight or nine people, the actors on Peach Blossom Island still performed enthusiastically the magic show, which was really breathtaking. Later, I went to see the torrential rain and torrents, which was even more shocking. It can be described as majestic and breathtaking. The feeling of rain coming out of the mountains and the wind is full of the building, frightening. The fly in the ointment is that it may indeed be in the off-season. The entire studio is empty, the house feels damp, and no one can be found in the city. In addition, the service staff of the Caishen Temple has been asking to buy incense and worship the Buddha...The thousand-year-old well in the Caishen Temple It’s not recommended to go to see it, it’s really nothing to watch, just to make money buying incense"