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Dalihaiyang WorldNearby City

Dalihaiyang World

4.4/5109 Reviews
Open from 9:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"May 1 group parent-child tour with family, booked on, because of the first time, so all booked, we went in just the time (*^ω^*) to start the mermaid show and the dolphin show! When watching various marine life in the aquarium, because the child is small, So it's not much more curious. And it feels like the aquarium design is quite novel! Although it's not like any aquarium in the coastal city, it's already amazing to have a own aquarium in Luxi! It's already three o'clock when you come out of the aquarium, Then we went to the ice and snow world! It's super cold inside! It's a little regret that there are not many items to play, and the shape of the ice sculptures has not just started to look good! However, the service attitude of the staff of the flying saucer skating is good (*^ω^*) always smile 😊, other projects, because there are many people, the children are cold, So I didn't play it! But the downside is that I have to buy the red sugar ginger tea after coming out, and a paper cup for two yuan! It's not good to do here! The tide playing hall is really suitable for taking pictures! It's a bit full, and the children are not spirited when the tide playing hall is behind. Did not go directly to the playground next to it! The overall feeling is very good! Waiting for the children to grow up and go back! The whole project time is about five hours, for reference only! (*^ω^*)"