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Top Things to Do in Nanjian 2021



156 things to do found in Nanjian
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Exhibition Halls
Weishanxian Nanzhao MuseumNearby City

Weishanxian Nanzhao Museum

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Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"In the ancient city of Lushan, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, there is a museum that tells how the mysterious kingdom of southern Lushan, which has existed in Chinese history for more than 100 years, was founded and why it died. When we entered the ancient city of Lushan and the moment we entered the museum of Nanxun, the ancient country officially opened its mystery. -From Dali Bai Museum to the museum of Nanxun, almost a real Nanxun State is presented to me. There are no son-in-law, no Zhao Linger, and some of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom and the Tang Dynasty love and kill the first life. - Entering the Nanxun Museum, the gate is the preface hall, the floor of the inscription of the initiator of the Nanxun Xinuluo, to the last Nanxun Wang Xuhuayu was crowned by the Zheng Mai for more than 100 years. The roof of the hall also depicts the important events of the Nanxun. At that time, Yunnan was divided into six kings, namely, six kings, and the Nanzhao built by Xinuluo was the southernmost at that time. Unlike other five kings, Nanzhao was always a fan of the Great Tang Dynasty. So in the reign of the Xuanzong, then the king of the southern court Piluo Pavilion in the Tang Dynasty supported the unification of the six dynasties, the transfer of the capital Taihe City, started the real Nanyue State. But it was this puppet who became the heart of the Tang Dynasty, and Nanzhao attached himself to spitting, and the Tang Dynasty elder brother began 40 years of struggle. Finally may feel or Tang Dynasty elder brother can rely on, Nan Xiang Wang is looking for to return to the younger brother, but don't know Tang Dynasty and Nan Xiang are all lost in the throne of authority. Seriously this period of history is quite good, Nan Xiang is not fog heavy, let people have a sense of truth. The whole museum is not only the preface hall but also the Sun Palace, the monument hall, Zhaozhong Temple, the forest public hall, and the 1st and 7th exhibition hall. After all, museums in ancient cities are rare, and this quaintness preserves the impression of life in Nanxun. - Address: Tickets to Baoguo Street, Ancient City, Lushan, Dali, Yunnan: Free play time: 1 frame 2 hours play order: Next to the prelude hall: Next to the monument hall, the sun palace, the sun palace, the Zhaozhong Fenglin public hall - Recommended reasons: Historical lovers must go to the treasure museum, finally to understand the order of Nanluo and Dali. Fans of film and television, to see the real Nanxun ancient country. Ancient city lovers, food lovers, the last one has said, vertical into the kind of cross out."
Wangfusheng Wangdesan Lieshi Memorial HallNearby City

Wangfusheng Wangdesan Lieshi Memorial Hall

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"Memorial Hall"
"The former residence of Wang Fusheng and Wang Desan in Xiangyun County, Yunnan is located in Wangjiazhuang Village, Liuchang Town, Xiangyun County. It belongs to the local traditional wooden residential courtyard and was built in the late Qing Dynasty. The front and back yards of the former residence are small gardens with two-story civil structures. The architectural design is ingenious. A staircase runs from two courtyards to the fourth floor. The architectural style is plain and elegant. The former residence has been listed as a key cultural relics protection unit in Yunnan Province and a patriotic education base in Yunnan Province. In 2012, the former residence was listed as the "Yunnan Cadre Education and Training Site Education Base" by the Organization Department of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee, becoming one of the four on-site teaching bases for cadre education and training in the province. The former residence is 3 kilometers away from the resident of Liuchang Town Government, 35 kilometers away from the county seat, and 4 kilometers away from National Highway 320. Wangjiazhuang Village, where the former residence is located, is backed by green mountains and surrounded by green water. The three brothers Wang Fusheng, Wang Desan and Wang Xinting, who are known as "the proud son of Peking University, and the three strongest families" were born here. The eldest brother Wang Fusheng was the first to walk out of his hometown of Yunnan, to the Chinese higher education institution Peking University, and became a propagator of communism. After that, he brought his second brother Wang Desan and his third brother Wang Xinting to Beijing. The three brothers wrote the most magnificent page with blood and life in the tide of revolution." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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