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79 things to do found in Eryuan
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Hot Springs Resort
Xiashankou Hot Spring Mountain Villa

Xiashankou Hot Spring Mountain Villa

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"Hot Springs Resort"
"#大理泉# Every room has a soaking pool. When you turn on the faucet, the hot spring water is 100-150 per capita. The latest update in 2019. Dali is a geothermal country. It is estimated that many people have never heard of it. Eryuan is the source of Erhai Lake. The source hot spring was also stopped for a year following the renovation of the Erhai Lake, but when I went again this time, I found that the changes were great. For example, the road was repaired and the street was very clean. In the past, there were no hotels found on the Internet except Putuo Spring, and now they are all online. It’s here. The previous family hotels have now been upgraded to a refreshing homestay style. The price has risen from 100 to 300, filling the gap between 100-500 (Putuo Spring). This time it was decided to come here temporarily because of the sudden change of the sky in Dali. Soaking in the hot springs, it is worth recommending the original family-style rooms in Building A for about 100-200; B is about 300 for the newly built B&B. I found that the locals in Dali also chose Building B more. The interior of the room is also good. Looking at the photos, when you checked in, the rough locals at the front desk told you to send you a packet of rose petals, but I didn’t realize it. [Insidious][Insidious] After soaking in the hot spring, your body is smooth, remember not to soak on an empty stomach Otherwise, the hot spring will be very dizzy, I am still dizzy at the moment, and there is no local takeaway! So I have to go out to eat. I really don’t want to move after the soaking. Even if you eat a bowl of instant noodles, the standard is Dali ice milk and eggs. Remember to buy this place before you check in. [Shy R][ We basically don’t have much chance to live, if you are going to have an in-depth tour of Dali, you can consider coming this night"
Tengchong Thermal Sea Scenic AreaNearby City

Tengchong Thermal Sea Scenic Area

4.6/53,325 Reviews
Yunnan Top 9 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:30am-11:30pm (Local time)
"Tengchong Thermal Sea is located 20 kilometers southwest of Tengchong County. There are 80 large gas springs and hot springs. The water temperature of 10 hot springs is more than 90 ℃. You can see the hot springs spewing everywhere. Atami is not the sea, but a hot Grand Canyon. The scenic route is to walk up the mountain, take a battery car down the mountain. The first attraction is Yuequan. The highest attraction is the big hot pot. Enter parking lot, there are many villagers in selling eggs, a string of five five yuan, than in the big boiling pot near buy a lot cheaper, the fact that this is correct, big boiling pot no simple eggs sold, selling a large pot of food, dozens of pieces of it. It was interesting to see that most of the tourists were holding a string of eggs along the way. Geothermal features of Atami are jet holes, hot boiling springs, fountains, hot water springs, hot water explosion of poison gas holes and other landscapes, including the tour route to pass through the large hot pot, drum springs, pearl springs, glasses springs, Tiantai well, Guoquan. I like the first attraction of the pupa fountain. Due to the long-term boiling spray, the calcified mountain rock-like spouting mouth of the pupa mouth, the boiling water slants towards the bath pond river, the range 1.5m, like two pupas in the clouds and spitting fog, and half a whirring sound, very spectacular. Climbing a lot of steps, everyone was exhausted and panting, finally saw the most typical "big boiling pot" in Atami. It is more than 3 meters in diameter, water depth 1.5 meters, water temperature 96.6℃, boiling day and night, the eggs in the hand can finally boil, in fact, not boiling, but put into a big lid on the side of the road to steam, there are many tourists' eggs in the lid, after 20 minutes steamed well, the taste is really good, very tender. Many people are still experiencing foot bubble, not expensive, 15 yuan, we went with the old man. Finally, I spit on the battery car that went down the mountain, the queue was too spectacular, I don't understand it is not a big holiday, how can the tourists stay like this?" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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