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90 things to do found in Battambang
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Ramayana Water ParkNearby City

Ramayana Water Park

4.9/5644 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 1325 reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"I’ve been to other islands before, so I’m not interested in Pattaya Beach. It’s better to spend a pleasant day here. Considering that it’s still a little away from the city, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get a double car or ask for random prices, and I’m afraid of going back and forth to the hotel. The shuttle bus time is not free. I drive decisively. The road conditions in Pattaya are still OK. The beach is more than half an hour and there are many free parking spaces at the door. Buy tickets online in advance, and you will get a wrist strap for ticket exchange at the window, which is waterproof! You can recharge the locker at the dressing area, and you can refund if you don’t use it. You don’t need to pay extra for items in the park. The dressing area is very clean, separated for men and women. The lockers are together. The small 120 baht is not enough. The two people share a 190 baht long cabinet. The dressing room provides showers and hair dryers, but the rental fee of large towels is 99 baht. It is recommended to bring your own, and please bring slippers as well. There is a shoe cabinet at the door of each project. The park facilities are very friendly, many have instructions in Chinese, and the water quality is also good. I see inspectors have been testing. There are really not many people, some of them are Europeans and Americans, and many items have set weight and height, so children only play in the children's places. Looking at the map, I don’t understand, but in fact, the park is not as big as I imagined. I went there after lunch. It’s enough to play until the closing time. There is a Reebok sporting goods store at the door where you can buy swimsuits temporarily. Most of the plumbing projects, there are two or three more thrilling similar to vertical falling, the others can be tried. I challenged the water roller coaster with a little more queues, which is the limit for me [笑笑] A brave step! Food in the park is more expensive than outside, but it is definitely acceptable. The buffet at 12-16 o'clock is 299 baht on-site. If you are determined to go, you should buy it in advance. Because I was quite full for breakfast and lunch, I bought separate fried rice noodles for 120 baht and ice cream for 69 baht. Personally, the thatched huts do not need to be rented, and there are sun loungers everywhere. If you want to rent, a small size is enough. Mobile phones can be used for play, and GoPro cameras are also waterproof. There is also a scanner before each project goes down. Remember to scan your wristband. After you go down, you can find the synthesized video on your computer and send it to your mailbox! By the way, I have played this kind of water world on the Gold Coast before, and there were not many people, but the weather was still cold and I was not happy. Although the price is not advantageous this time, there are not many projects, but the weather is also good with few people, clean and friendly service, it can be regarded as a good water park!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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