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Lingguang Tower

Lingguang Tower

4.8/521 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 4 reviews
"Historical Site"
"Ancient Pagoda"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The Lingguang Tower is located on the top of Tashan Mountain in the northwestern suburb of Changbai Town, Changbai Korean Autonomous County, Jilin Province. It is 820 meters above sea level and has a history of more than 1,000 years. The Lingguang Pagoda is the only pagoda style of the Tang dynasty in Jilin Province, which is the only ancient building relic of the local government of the Bohai Kingdom in the Tang Dynasty. It is a key cultural relics protection unit. The original name of the Emmanuel Pagoda has long been lost. According to legend, a long time ago, when the earth's crust changed, everything was overthrown, and only this tower stood tall, plus its peculiar shape, bright, refreshing, and eyebrows. Therefore, in 1908, Zhang Fengtai, the first prefect of Changbai Prefecture in the Qing Dynasty, referred to it as the Lingguang Temple in Shandong in the Western Han Dynasty and named it the Lingguang Tower. The Emmanuel Pagoda is made of blue-gray square bricks and is a pavilion-like hollow square tower. It is composed of five parts: channel, tunnel, underground palace, tower body and tower. Although after thousands of years of erosion by wind, frost, rain and snow, the bricks have peeled off sporadically and the tower is slightly inclined, it is still rock solid and towering. Even the flaking fragments are very hard, and when relatively knocked, the sound is clear and sweet, and the remaining sound is constant. The passage is stepped, with 11 steps in total."
JulongquanNearby City


4.5/5112 Reviews
"Ornamental Hot spring"
North Slope Of Changbai Mountain Top 11 in Can't Miss Attractions
6:00-17:00 (Local time)
"Julong Spring is the hot spring with the largest amount of water, the widest distribution, and the highest water temperature in the Changbai hot spring group. It consists of dozens of springs that are as large as a bowl or as small as a finger. They are distributed on the ground of 1000 square meters. Numerous heat flows from the ground. It gushes like a group of dragons spraying water, hence the name Julong Spring. Julong Spring is not far from Changbai Waterfall, and Erdaobai River flows through the hot springs. The minerals deposited for many years near the hot springs render the bottom of the pool colorful, like a beautiful canvas, a faint smell of sulfur permeates the air, and bubbles continue to emerge from the water. Julongquan is a high-heat hot spring. Put the egg into it and it will cook in a short time. The yolk will solidify, but the egg white will not solidify. At the same time, there is a faint sulphur smell. There is also a kind of fresh green grass growing next to the hot spring. It is a precious species of Pinger grass that grows under such temperature conditions. It can withstand high temperatures! These hot springs are proof that Changbai Mountain is a volcano, indicating that the residual heat of the magma after the eruption of Changbai Mountain is not exhausted, or that there is still volcanic activity in the deep underground."
Zhangbai Shan Huo Shan Guojia Dizhi ParkNearby City

Zhangbai Shan Huo Shan Guojia Dizhi Park

4.6/512 Reviews
"Geological Sites"
Open from 8:30am-3:00am (Local time)
"Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano, and theoretically, it has the possibility of eruption, so it is not surprising that there are many magnificent and shocking scenery here. 🌈Special experience: Hot spring eggs. Sorry I'm a foodie. The hot spring eggs here are really delicious. The hot spring water is full, the egg white is barely formed, the egg yolk is sloppy, and the egg white is full of fragrance. It is warm and smooth. The surface of the volcanic geology is like an egg yolk broken and evened, and the green egg white is mixed with it. The color is strong and punchy. I don’t understand, but I think this is the effect of the oxidation of sulfur and other minerals. If you take this piece as a picture Painting, that must have been produced by Van Gogh. The ice waterfall is at the corner of a distant mountain, so it is difficult to find if you don't look carefully. Once you see it, you will be attracted by the rush of the waterfall, so shocking! ⭐Recommendation reason: Many wonders that can only be presented at the foot of a volcano are gathered in one place. I am used to seeing steel and concrete. When I see all of this suddenly, I will unconsciously froze for a while, stop for a while, I want to print it all on In my mind, I can often think of it in my busy and busy life. ❗tips: Qishan Junshui, daily life perception is difficult to understand everything in front of you, so there are many dangers that you can't think of, so be careful everywhere." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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