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Top Things to Do in Jiuzhaigou 2021



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Jiuzhaigou "The Mystery of Tibet" Performance

Jiuzhaigou "The Mystery of Tibet" Performance

4.5/5220 Reviews
Jiuzhaigou Top 20 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 6:30pm-6:30pm (Local time)
"The Tibetan Secret Theater is located not far from the Jiuzhai Ancient Scenic Area, about 5-10 minutes by taxi, and it is also a performance under Songcheng. Tickets for ordinary seats and VIP seats are 190 yuan, and the performance is one hour. "Tibetan Fan" is composed and unfolded by what an old Tibetan grandmother saw and heard on the pilgrimage road. It uses Tibetan style songs, dances, instrumental music, large-scale scenes of Tibetan life, folk customs, and religious rituals in different regions. The main body of expression fully reproduces the essence of Tibetan culture unique to Tibetan areas, which is wonderful. It is jointly created by "Peacock Princess" Yang Liping and "Tibetan Singing King" Rong Zhongerjia. It mainly focuses on singing, dancing, and instrumental music performances. It takes the artistic expressions of scene-style Tibetan life, folk customs, and religious rituals as the main body. It takes the Tibetan old mother’s pious worship as the main line to show the Tibetans. National life, folk customs, religious ceremonies scenes. The stage performance elements involved in the play are all formed from original ecological elements. Most of the music, dance, instrumental music, actors, including on-site stage props, are collected and sorted out from the folks. It is an excavation of historical and cultural resources and modern performance. Artistic exploration of aesthetic pursuit. One of the must-see performances in Jiuzhaigou. Don’t miss it."


4.6/5145 Reviews
Jiuzhaigou Top 16 in Amazing Natural Scenery
"Laohuhai is located above Shuzheng Waterfall. It is deep and tranquil. There are not many tourists here. Everything is quiet, primitive and strong. The water in Jiuzhaigou must be experienced with heart. Only by quietly by her side can you have such a quiet and calm state of mind, which is the case when passing through the tiger sea. Regarding the name of the tiger sea, the most appropriate way to say is that every late autumn in Haizi, the upper layer of the lake is covered with forests, and the colorful trees are reflected in the clear lake, like the colorful tiger stripes on the tiger. This Haizi is relatively small, and the beauty is reflected in the same. Highlights: deep tranquility, beautiful reflections, the best tour time and time reference: afternoon, 20 minutes. Since the three ditches of Jiuzhaigou are distributed in the shape of a'Y', the Nuorilang Tourist Service Center is exactly in the middle of the shape of the'Y'. The upper left of the'Y' shape is Zechawagou, the upper right is Rizegou, and the bottom is Shuzhenggou, the recommended one-day tour is to take the most classic tour route, that is, go to Rizegou first, then to Zechawagou, and finally to Shuzhenggou. Detailed route: morning: drive to the primeval forest, and then in turn Back to Jianya Xuanquan, Fangcaohai, Swan Sea, Jianzhuhai, Jianzhuhai Waterfall, Pandahai, Pandahai Waterfall, Wuhuahai, Pearl Beach, Pearl Beach Waterfall, Jinghai. Noon: Lunch at Nuorilang Visitor Service Center, walk to Nuorilang Waterfall. Afternoon: Take a bus from Nuorilang Center to Changhai, walk to Wucai Chi, then take a bus back to Nuorilang Center, and visit Lover Beach, Rhino Sea, Laohuhai, Shuzheng Waterfall, Water Mill, and Shuzheng in the direction of the ditch. Zhai, Shuzheng Qunhai, Wolong Sea, Sparkle Sea, Shuanglong Sea, Reed Sea, and Bonsai Beach are out the scenic spots." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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