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175 things to do found in Liquan
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Road Trips
Taiping National Forest ParkNearby City

Taiping National Forest Park

4.5/5697 Reviews
Tianshui Top 6 in Fun Attractions Nearby
Open from 9:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"April Best ~ Taiping National Forest Park ~ Zijinghuahai + Rainbow Waterfall 🎀 Drive by yourself in the morning, when the county road and Taimei Road enter the mountain, there will be a mountain forest fire check port, scan the code into the mountain, there will be a little traffic jam. 🎀 Panshan Road takes about 20 minutes to the gate of the scenic spot, and the parking lot charges 15 yuan / car. 🎀 Buy tickets at the entrance of the scenic spot for 60 yuan / person, half price for student tickets. Buy a sightseeing bus into the scenic spot, 15 yuan / person one way, 30 yuan / person round trip, sit to the foot mountaineering Pass, you can also walk to the mountaineering Pass, walk time is about 30 minutes. Tickets and sightseeing buses are a bit expensive. The scenery is good, cost-effective, fun and fun, overall awesome, 🎀 It takes about 40 minutes from the mountain climbing to the ropeway entrance, stop and take pictures. This journey is gentle, there are steps and slopes. 🎀 There is a ramp at the ropeway, climb up to Yudai Waterfall for about 20 minutes, and return to the original road after viewing. 🎀 Turn down the ramp to the ropeway entrance, 50 yuan per person per way, 80 yuan per person per round trip, the ropeway time is about 15 minutes, you can watch the sea of purple flowers. 🎀 There is a walking passage next to the ropeway entrance. About 1.5 hours from here, walk up the mountain to the ropeway up exit, mainly on the steps, up the stream. 🎀Walk to the cableway up exit, from here you need to continue climbing, mainly on the steps, halfway to view Yanxia Falls, Xianyu Bridge Falls, Panlong Falls, and the rainbow falls at the top of the mountain for about 1 hour. It is best to arrive before 1 pm to see the rainbow."
Shahe Wetland ParkNearby City

Shahe Wetland Park

4.5/5145 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The first feeling of coming here is that the greening is really good, the architecture and the environment are well integrated, and the antique is indeed a bit of the artistic conception of the Jiangnan water town. Suddenly, I thought of "a misty rain and Ren Pingsheng". Although it is a wooden house, the roof is covered with straw, giving the impression of planting a thatched house. And the side of the accommodation is very delicately built. Both sides of the Shahe River are full of various snacks, Hanfu shops and cultural boutiques (the leaf paintings in the picture). It is very attractive to see a lot of posters with large-scale live chicken eating scenes, Qinqiang performances, and a street of bars. It's just that the time is now a bit sluggish. It may be the reason that the construction of the scenic spot has not been completed. There are not many people in the scenic spot and many shops are still closed. The conceptual foundation is well done, and it will be very popular if you revitalize it! 👫 At present, it is more like a recreational place for citizens of Zhouzhi County. There will be a lot of challenges in the water project area (net celebrity rocking bridge), and people will fall into the water from time to time. Everyone doesn’t mind, and the fun is very high. A piece of the audience watched every move of the challenger. Looking forward to a better water street." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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