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Guanshan Grasslands

Guanshan Grasslands

4.4/5726 Reviews
Longxian Top 1 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Guanshan grassland tour is located in the east foot of Fujian, is an important station of the ancient Silk Road, is the high mountain meadow inland area of China, with European scenery national AAAA class scenic spot. There are natural forest 1040,00mu, grassland 350,000mu. 1. Regarding the time of travel, the Guanshan grassland begins to warm up in May every year. The mountains and fields are covered with new green, dandelions are inlaid with small yellow flowers in the regular grasslands, and the wild pear flowers in the mountains are spitting out the smell of spring. June is the grass on the Guanshan grassland has grown well, and the temperature is already appropriate. But the temperature difference between morning and evening is big, so it is better for tourists to stay overnight to prepare cotton-padded clothes. July to September is the best tourist season of Guanshan grassland, lush pasture, vigorous, tourists, people in the grassland hinterland riding, riding whip, experience the pleasure of galloping. After the hustle and bustle of the National Day in October, the Guanshan grasslands began to quiet down. Every time it snowed, the Guanshan grasslands were snowed white and wrapped in silver, like a fairy tale world. 2. If you don't plan to have a private car with the tour group, you can choose the train or car to Gifu County, then take the bus No. 106 to the Guanshan Grassland Visitor Center in the county, and then transfer to the shuttle bus (ticket price 60 yuan / person * times, including round-trip) to visit the scenic spot. Driving tourists can also choose to drive tour, after arriving at the Guanshan Grassland Visitor Service Center to buy tickets (60 yuan / person) and scenic parking (5 yuan / car). Drivers with tickets and parking tickets drive through the vehicle passage into the scenic area, accompanied by the staff with tickets through the visitors center ticket check into the scenic area. After the people and cars meet, you can go to the core scenic spot of Guanshan grassland (a town of style) along the main road. It is about 38 kilometers away. The speed limit is 40 kilometers per hour. Please pay attention to the road safety. 3. Regarding playing in Guanshan grassland, the scenery is the first. There were cattle, sheep and horses, and green curves, and the cool winds of the mountains, which were pleasant. A two-lane road ran through them, and a gentle hillside, green pastures, extended to both sides of the road, offered a quiet and peaceful pastoral view. As there are more holiday tourists, so people arrange their trips according to their own situation. There are many local residents on the grassland are horseback on the road and the mountain, that is, the walking tool, always there are people who put horses and sheep, in the valley or on the low slopes. If the weather is good, you can see the sunrise and sunset, it feels very peaceful. When you come to the Guanshan grassland, horse riding is essential. There are racecourses and high-end racecourses for tourists to choose from in the scenic area. The price of the racecourse is close to the people (100 yuan / person * circle), and the high-end racecourse is more professional. Grass-skiing is also one of the grassland-characteristic projects, there are two projects in the grass-skiing park, the slide (10 yuan / person * times) and the slide (40 yuan / person * hour). The slide is on the slope after the slide after a smoke slide down, slide the end. Wear professional slippers to experience grass-skiing. The zipline station has two items: cable car and zipline. Take the cable car to the top of the mountain, and use the zipline all the way down, a total of 60 yuan / person * times. There are 4 sightseeing routes in the scenic spot, each route 20 yuan / person * times. Take the sightseeing car of the scenic spot all the way to appreciate the most distinctive original site of the scenic spot."
Kongdong MountainNearby City

Kongdong Mountain

4.4/51,190 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 24 reviews
Pingliang Top 1 in Amazing Natural Scenery
Open from 04/01-10/31,7:30am-7:00pm;Open from 11/01-03/31,7:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Kongtong Mountain, one of the most shining tourist business cards in Pingliang City, Gansu Province, is a national-level scenic spot, the first batch of national 5A-level tourist attractions, and a national geological park. It is the fortress in the west exit of the ancient Silk Road. The main peak of the scenic spot has an elevation of 2123 meters, and the forest coverage rate is over 95%. The peaks and ridges of Kongtong Mountain are majestic, and the precarious cliffs stand, which are rich in the majesty of the northern mountains and the beauty of the southern scenery. The dignified and elegant Batai Nine Palaces and Twelve Courtyards, forty-two buildings with 72 Shifu caves, are magnificent and rich in heritage. They have been known as "the first mountain of Taoism in China" since ancient times. The full price of tickets for the scenic spot is 120 yuan in peak season. Tickets can be purchased at Guangcheng Station Ticket Center, and at the East Ticket Point (Houshan) and South Ticket Point (Qianshan Ticket Center). Of course, it is more convenient to buy tickets online. It is 12 kilometers away from the downtown area of Pingliang, and it is easy to reach by car or public transportation. Internal transportation: 1. Scenic tour bus: buy tickets at Guangcheng Station (Kongtong Ancient Town) Ticket Center, the route is Guangcheng Station (Kongtong Ancient Town)-Houshan Parking Lot-Zhongtai, the fare is 32 yuan per person per person. 2. Ropeway: buy ropeway tickets at the ticket center of Guangcheng Station (Kongtong Ancient Town). (The scenic tour bus will send tourists to the ropeway ride.) The fare is 50 yuan per person per way. 3. Scenic tour bus: buy tickets at Guangcheng Post (Kongtong Ancient Town) Ticket Center, the route is Guangcheng Post (Kongtong Ancient Town)-Houshan Parking Lot-Xiangshan, the fare is 48 yuan per person per one way. 4. Dianzheng Lake Cruise: The route is Dianzheng Lake-Wangmu Palace, the fare is 30 yuan/person one way, and 50 yuan/person around the lake. The golden autumn season is the best time to visit. Kongtong Mountain in November has all the colors of autumn, as beautiful as an oil painting. I am a clockwise, an older youth who loves to travel, photography, and clock in. Although I am not a professional traveler, travel is a compulsory course in my life and an indispensable part of my life. I love to take photos casually. , I also love to share my journey experience and experience. If you think my notes are helpful to you, please feel free to give me a compliment." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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