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Historic Sites


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"Ancient Settlement"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Today, the summer recommended Liancheng town Liancheng more and more hot weather, today recommended a summer resort Liancheng town Liancheng. Liancheng is not only a good place to summer, but also Liancheng and its surroundings have many attractions. In the renjo village, there are kenkyo Ji Temple and Leidan, Lu Tsuji Tumen and myoon Ji Temple, Shiping Mountain and the Zada Ji Temple on the mountain, Dongda Ji Temple, Turugou National Forest Park, Qinglong Mountain Park, and Mt. inozan. There are bitter water roses, Yongdeng Soft Erli, bitter water tobacco, Yongdeng January red grapes, bitter water pulls the specialty such as stripes. Transportation: Lanzhou city can drive to Liancheng village, among them, Lu Tusi Tumen site for the national key cultural relics protection units, the west of the Temple of Miaoyin, is Lu Tusi established, in the Ganqing border the most impact, the most statues, the most fine murals of a temple. Its buildings are ragged, staggered, shiny, self-constructed. Various carvings are very meticulous, the mural composition is vivid and natural, some temple ridges set up gold-plated copper bottles, for the nearby areas rare. In the north-east of Liancheng town, Yongdeng County, there is a majestic and steep, beautiful peaks, it is like a natural stone screen, after Henglian City, so called "Shiping Mountain." Shiping Mountain on the forest, flowers, birds singing, the scenery is very charming. It is a picturesque mountainside, with a magnificent Tibetan Buddhist monastery, the Zanda Temple. It has a long history and is one of the famous temples on the border of Ganqing. The temple has been opened in Yongdeng County as a tourist attraction on the Turugou Tourist Scenic Line, a year-round visitors, especially in the lunar calendar on the 8th of April "Bath Buddha Festival". On this day, tourists and Buddhist believers from all ethnic groups from the prefecture and Tianzhu, Qinghai people and Rakuto gathered here, and there were a large number of people. The temple fairs are characterized by the combination of suits, suits, jeans and red oysters, the chanting of Buddhist activities, the pop songs played by tourists on hand-held radios and the chanting and hawking of vendors, which are very large and lively. Turugou National Forest Park is a national AAAA class tourist attraction and national forest park. Turugou National Forest Park is located on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is the transitional zone between the Qilian Mountains and the Loess Plateau in the east. The landscape of the park is unique, the forest landscape is beautiful, the scenery is natural, and it has unique characteristics. The beauty of Qingcheng You. The park is located on the banks of Datong River, and the surrounding humanities are rich. It is really an ideal place for sightseeing, scientific investigation and recuperation."
Qutan TempleNearby City

Qutan Temple

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Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"        In the mountain 20 kilometers south of Ledu City, a regular Lama Temple in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was favored by Zhu Yuanzhang, was debuted earlier, and the believers spontaneously prepared to build it, and the Ming Dynasty had no influence on the Tar Temple, the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of During the kobu era of Ming Dynasty, the mountain was already settled, but there was a disturbance in the border, and the temple director, sanrazo, went to the temple and advised each part of the place to return to Daming. After that, successive Ming emperors have been awarded the temples, Nikko. The temples basically adopt the Han style temple system, Guoran tablet, bell and drum tower and treasure hall constitute the typical early Ming official style building group. Although in the mountains, the mountains and waters are very good back to the Luohan Mountain, front to the Weihe River, the Han style in the axial symmetrical arrangement, in Tibetan Buddhism is rare; based on the royal blood, the overall pattern calm atmosphere, imitating the royal architectural style and the main pattern, in the class strict imperial society is a great gift and status symbol. Today, the temple as the original appearance of the ancient building, the years feel extremely strong, the two wings up the arch trend Lianzhao copying the slant corridor unique, but as a treasure, when the huge color murals of the Ming and Qing Dynasties 2300 square meters rich color, delicate and vivid brushwork, clear natural layers, realistic sense extremely strong, It's precious."