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Top Things to Do in Tianshui 2021



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Dadiwan Museum

Dadiwan Museum

4.5/572 Reviews
Tianshui Top 10 in Local History
"The Dadi Bay site is located in the east side of goyo goden village, 45km northeast of Qin'an County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, and is located on the second and third terraces on the south bank of the Shimizu River, a tributary of the Hulu River, and the adjacent gentle slopes, with a total area of 2.7 million square meters. The Dadiwan Site is an early site discovered in the Neolithic period in China. Excavation studies in 2006 showed that the history of human activity at the site was advanced from 8000 years ago to 6 million years ago. The site unearthed nearly 10,000 pottery, stone, jade, bone, horn, and ware, and 241 excavated sites. The site has great value in exploring the clues and original features of Chinese civilization, revealing the archaeological chronology and cultural sequence of ancient culture of Yaoyou and Tianshui. The earth bay heritage contains five cultural periods, the carbon-14 age determination period is about 7800 years, 4800 years, up and down over 3000 years. The second phase of the Dadiwan Relics is the early period of Yangshuo Culture, about 6500 years ago, about 5900 years ago. The third phase of the Dadiwan Relics is the middle period of Yangshuo Culture, about 5900 years ago, about 5600 years ago. The fourth phase of the Dadiwan Relics is the late period of Yangshuo Culture, about 5500 years ago, about 4900 years ago. The five period culture of the Dadi Bay site is the lower layer culture of jozan, which is about 4900 years ago. The study of the Dadiwan Site shows that the ancients have experienced four stages of economic development, namely primitive hunting and collecting, developed hunting and collecting Dadiwan Site, the first stage of Dadiwan primitive agriculture and the early and late stage of Yangshuo mature agriculture, in order to study the primitive architecture, art, and art of the northwest of China. The discovery of the Dadiwan site is of great significance to the establishment of the prehistoric cultural sequence of the upper reaches of the Huaihe River, the study of the generation and development of Neolithic culture in the Yellow River Basin and the historical process of exploring the origin of Chinese civilization. The colored pottery of the Dadiwan site is of great academic value to study the origin of Chinese painting and the painting art of primitive society. The carving symbols found on pottery provide the most important information and clues for the origin of Chinese characters." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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