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Top Things to Do in Tianshui 2021



4 things to do found in Tianshui
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Sightseeing Tours
Xueshanliang RidgeNearby City

Xueshanliang Ridge

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"On the way from Munigou to Huanglong, after passing through Songpan County and Chuanzhu Temple, we avoided the Huanglong Tunnel and chose to cross the mountain from the Xueshan Liang Pass to Huanglong. Although experiencing the sudden change of the mountain weather and the experience of having to turn back and return to the tunnel to Huanglong, in general, the experience of exploring the mysterious land of Huanglong is worthy of nostalgia, and the beautiful scenery along the way. The "Secret Realm" of Huanglong in our eyes is actually the old road leading to Huanglong in the past-County Road 120, but since the tunnel was repaired, this road uphill has been few people. Why does Cai Cai recommend this place? There are three reasons. Please look down. The road conditions now are better than before. After the construction of the Huanglong Tunnel, the road has not been abandoned, but has also been remodeled. At present, this road is an asphalt road. Although geological disasters such as landslides and icing are still inevitable in rainy and snowy seasons, if the weather is fine, driving on a road with good conditions will make you feel comfortable. The picturesque road along the way is generally high in elevation. It is indeed a scenic highway worth visiting, with mountains and ridges, green pines and cypresses, snow-capped mountains and white clouds. Traveling to Huanglong, it is a pity to miss it when the weather is fine. . Few tourists along the way. After the Huanglong Tunnel is repaired, few tourists go around the mountain road to the scenic spot. So you can enjoy the beautiful scenery quietly along the way. Those who like unpopular attractions must not miss this place. However, there are also three issues worth noting when traveling by car on this road, which are also summarized as follows. .Do not go to this road in rainy and snowy weather. Geological disasters frequently occur on this road. Practical experience is used to tell everyone: rainy and snowy weather is easy to cause landslides and there is snow and dark ice on the road. The driving process is very unsafe. .Precautions The road is high in altitude. The highest point at the Xueshanliang Pass is 4007 meters above sea level. Friends (especially the first time on the plateau) must pay attention to bringing oxygen bottles or tablets before going. If you have altitude sickness, please walk slowly when you get off the car to view the scenery, and avoid running or talking loudly before getting used to the altitude. In addition, if the altitude is higher and the temperature is lower, warm clothing should be prepared in advance. Pay attention to the road signs at the junction. If you want to take this road, there is a junction from Chuanzhu Temple towards Huanglong. The left is "Huanglong" and the right is "Snow Mountain Liang". Then please choose the road on the right to turn The mountain passes through the Liang Pass of the Snow Mountain to Huanglong! One more thing about the self-driving tour: there is no gas station along the way, but the whole road is not long, you can refuel before going up the mountain." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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