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37 things to do found in Linshui
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Tianyi Valley

Tianyi Valley

4.6/51,032 Reviews
Guang'an Top 2 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31,7:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"📍Detailed address: Located in Sujia Village, Ganba Township, Linshui County, Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, at the southern foot of the main peak of Huaying Mountain, 20 kilometers away from Linshui County. 💳Tickets: 110 yuan, 70 yuan for online purchases, parking fee: 10 yuan. 🕐Opening time 7:30-17:00, 16:30 stop entering the park; play time: recommended 3-4 hours. 🚙Traffic strategy: The shuttle bus can take the shuttle bus to Ganba Township in Linshui County; self-driving navigation "Tianyi Valley", Linshui County will go to Tianyi Valley, go to Linshui South Expressway, Chongqing direction to Tianyi Valley and get off at Tantong Expressway, Go to the 210 National Highway and follow the navigation instructions. The road conditions are good. 🌸 Tianyi Valley Scenic Area, formerly known as Huaying Mountain Grand Canyon, 4A tourist scenic area, the total area of the scenic area is about 20 square kilometers, and the scenic area is 400-1100 meters above sea level. The Tianyi Valley has a relative height of 700 meters, warm in winter and cool in summer, and the four seasons are like spring. 🌸Tianyi Valley is a geological landscape formed after meeting the faulted layer of karst landform with the first-rate water of thousands of peaks in Huaying Mountain. The entire canyon is winding, steep and deep, with waterfalls, karst caves, lush forests, bamboos, and all kinds of weird rocks. The multi-colored peaks constitute the grand canyon’s magnificent and magnificent wonders. There are countless in the valley just a few kilometers. The wonders of caves and waterfalls. 🌟The main attractions include Fuchen Waterfall, Fei Waterfall Yingbin, Shimenguan, Laolongtan Waterfall, Dijiao Gorge, Tiansheng Bridge, Tianxin Cave, Tianhe Cave, Wangyue Waterfall, Chuanxin Cave, Tianmu, Tianfo, Tianhe, etc. Features of the scenic spot: Tianhe in the hole in Tianyi Valley is a rare waterfall in the hole in the world, and it can be called the first in Asia. "Natural stone buddha"-the natural stone buddha formed by dripping water for hundreds of millions of years is the best in the world. 👣The one-way trip from the ticket gate to the last core attraction "Tianhe in the Cave" is about 3 kilometers. There is no transportation in the scenic area. Basically, it is a round-trip walk on the original road. Although it is a hiking tour all the way, the overall elevation is only about 300 meters. Stop and go without feeling too tired. There are many waterfalls along the way in the scenic spot. Generally, the roads and rivers above the waterfalls are slow. In summer, you can choose a relatively safe riverside to play in the water. ⚠️tips🔸 Tianyi Valley Scenic Area and Huaying Mountain Scenic Area are adjacent to each other, one is under the mountain and the other is on the mountain. The two scenic spots are only 18 kilometers away and can be passed by small cars. 🔸Tianyi Valley is a canyon-like scenery, which is cooler and suitable for summer. 🔸Some trails in the scenic area have dripping water for a long time, which is relatively slippery. Please note that you can also wear anti-skid sandals for walking, which is convenient for playing in the river."
Foguang Rock, Chishui Danxia Tourist AreaNearby City

Foguang Rock, Chishui Danxia Tourist Area

4.6/51,112 Reviews
"Geological Sites"
Zunyi Top 3 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 03/01-10/31,8:00am-4:30pm;Open from 11/01-2/28,8:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"We came to the last scenic spot of the red water Danxia Foguang Rock. The Buddha Guangyan Scenic Area, located in Yuanhou Town, Chishui City, is one of the core scenic spots of the world natural heritage "Chishui Danxia"; the world natural heritage site, has "World Danxia crown"; "World Danxia First Garden" the reputation. We go deep from the valley bottom, all the way up, vegetation lush, Danyan cliff, Silver Waterfall, valley deep slope steep, stream river vertical; Strange rock, cliff corridor cave; Danshi bridge, ghost axes. All the way to stop, climb over the long and steep slope, climbing the Buddha Guangyan. Looking up, a clear stream from the sky and falling, a pouring like a pouring, like a red cloud flying down the small white dragon, elegant and handsome; sound if thunder, valley air flow back to hang; full of sky pearls and jade, like smoke, like a fairyland; The rock of Buddha light is arced, formed as early as Jurassic and Cretaceous, like a red wordless book written with life and blood on the eve of the extinction of dinosaurs, the red rock wall and the waterfall of snow white fuse, such as Buddha light is universally illuminated, so it is called Buddha light rock. The Buddha Guangyan is a magnificent place under the Guanyin Zaolian, unprecedented. Buddha Guangyan is a "Danxia cliff, the world wonders", set new, strange, dangerous, beautiful, quiet, feature as one, is an important part of Chishui National Scenic Spot."
Four Caves Valley Scenic AreaNearby City

Four Caves Valley Scenic Area

4.5/51,795 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 9 reviews
Zunyi Top 2 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 3/1-11/30,8:00am-4:30pm;Open from 12/1-2/28,8:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Finally we visited the four-hole ditch. The original name of the four-hole ditch is Fengxi, because of the four-level waterfall in the stream, there are caves behind the waterfall, and later commonly known as the four-hole ditch. It is 17 kilometers away from Chishui City, and it is distributed in the scenic area in 4 waterfalls of different emotions and gods, forming a waterfall community with a thousand appearances. We went down the valley to find four kinds of waterfalls that are not sympathetic to God. The valley is surrounded by a stream of bamboos and mountains and springs. We came to the first waterfall. There is a giant stone like a giant elephant in the upper reaches. The silver falls on both sides are hung high. The giant stone lies under the waterfall. I can't imagine frogs at all. Maybe everyone will see things differently from different perspectives, and we'll keep looking. At this time, the appearance of the front of the beautiful like a down curved silver comb, flying pearls show jade, silver glittering, this is the Moon Lake Falls. Further up, see the foot of the stone, the original Moon Waterfall from here. Craggy mountain road, limpid up, before the eyes show a spectacular waterfall landscape, a waterfall such as silver curtain hanging, white yarn, sound like thunder, momentum. Behind the waterfall curtain is a cave that runs through the two ends of the waterfall, three sides of which are stones and one side is water. A slate trail twists and turns along the cave, and visitors must bend down to get through. The path of the deep winding, walking through the winding, nearly 2 hours, do not feel tired, to see the last waterfall - Bailongtan Waterfall. The largest waterfall in the four-hole-gou waterfall group, 60 meters high, 23 meters wide, the sound of the waterfall, rain and fog filled, flying straight down, the momentum is magnificent, moving. Under the waterfall "White Dragon Pond" the water boiling, flying pearls jade, silver glittering. Station falls, clouds cover, fog. Found four waterfalls back, and hurried back, started to walk. Walking along, suddenly a frog in the stream in front of the beach, bowed his head, looked down, interesting, the water on both sides of the rapids. When I came to the bottom slowly look, it turned out to be the frog waterfall. This is just the heart to understand, have to admire nature's magic!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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