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Lijiang Railway Station
The Romantic Show of Lijiang

The Romantic Show of Lijiang

4.6/52,063 Reviews
Ranked No. 7 in Lijiang Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 2:00pm-6:30pm (Local time)
"Life must-see performance|Lijiang’s eternal love is also wonderful! "Lijiang Eternal Love", a must-see performance in a lifetime, don't watch the regret series! ·When you come to Lijiang, you must not miss the love of the past, otherwise it will really be a lifetime regret! I had hesitated at first, but after seeing it, I am really glad that I did not miss it. ·"Lijiang Eternal Love" is a large-scale singing and dancing performance that uses IMAX3D blockbuster vision to reproduce Lijiang such as "Naxi Genesis", "Lugu Daughter Country", "Caravan Legend", "Mufu Glory", "The Third Kingdom of Yulong Thousands of years of history and legend are the soul of Lijiang culture. ·The performance scene is magnificent, and the performances are rich and diverse, integrating dance, acrobatics, martial arts, stage machinery, panoramic stunts, installation art and other elements, full of technical sense! It vividly outlines to the audience a cultural legend full of spirit and flesh, blood and tears, life and death, love and love. ·‼ ️In order to experience this performance better, the following points must be known! 1️⃣You must buy VIP tickets. In fact, they are not much different from ordinary audience tickets, but the sensory experience is completely different. The VIP seats are relatively close to the stage, and you can watch the super shocking stage scene up close. 2️⃣It's best to book from the innkeeper, they have the official website backstage, you can see the remaining tickets of the day, and get a good position (the more tickets left, the more free positions, the better the position). 3️⃣It is best to book a double-numbered ticket, because in order to match the stage performance, the seat of a single-numbered ticket needs to be moved many times a night, which not only affects the viewing experience, but also has a worse experience in the side position. The double ticket seat has always been the same. 4️⃣Be sure to set aside enough time to visit the scenic spots and watch the performances at various times, such as set aside half a day. 5️⃣Performances "Eternal Love in Lijiang": Three performances a day, 13:30, 17:00, 19:30. "Lijiang Love Songs": 15:00-15:20. "The Great Earthquake": 16:00-16:35. ✅Scenic area related information: Business hours: 12:00-21:00 Address: Yuxing West Road, Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province How to get to the Lijiang Qiangu Scenic Area: It is recommended to take the scenic through train at the bus station, and show the scenic ticket free of charge . ⏰Recommended playing time: at least 3 hours"