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Lugu Lake Langfang Dock
SeagrassNearby City


4.5/5524 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The grass sea is not the sea, but more than the sea blue grass sea scenic area is also to come to the lake must visit a site, but many friends will feel the scenery here is the same, so drive away in a hurry. In fact, the place that can be photographed in the sea of grass really is a lot, besides the wedding bridge that everyone is familiar with, there are many can recommend to you. 🌟 Highlight Features: There are many trails built on the side of the grass sea. You can stand on the trail and see the grass below and the beauty of the Lake Biwa. It is a good way to feel the grass sea attractions in the Lake Biwa. Of course the trail is very long. People with physical strength can walk more. Walking to different trails to see the scenery is different 🌟 highlights characteristics: Take a boat to rent a small boat to shuttle between the grass sea, which is also a good way to experience the grass sea, you will feel that the grass grows on the water of the Lake Biwa is so magic 🌟 highlights characteristics: The seasons are different when you come to Wuhu, the feeling of visiting is different. In the winter, the grass sea is a golden yellow, and in the summer, the lake is a green 🌟 Highlight Features: The reflection is different from other attractions. The grass sea is relatively closed. The lake level is very calm and you can exclude many shadows and connect the sky and the lake like a mirror"
Gemu MountainNearby City

Gemu Mountain

4.6/5542 Reviews
Open from 01/01-12/31,8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The most beautiful goddess of Lake Biwa! The mountain is the symbol of Lake Biwa and the most beautiful goddess of Lake Biwa. I have tried to go straight to the top without taking the cable car or cableway. But no one can walk up to many strategies, except for outdoor or off-road, and with a lot of tools. So he gave up the summit, and chose the most beautiful goddess of Lake Biwa from a different perspective. It is known that the Mosuo people are a matriarchal society, and the presence of goddesses, naturally, through different angles to view. 👍 Recommend: Many people know that goddess Bay is a relatively good place to watch the sunset. So they chose to leave after watching the sunset. In fact, goddess Bay is the best place to watch the goddess mountain at sunrise. The sun is very soft at this time. At this time, the lake of goddess bay is very calm, she like a mirror, reflected the mountain inside, Figure 1 is the cover of goddess bay photographed goddess mountain. 👍 Recommend: Daluoshui here should be the most concentrated place in the Lugu Lake, and it is also a very beautiful place to see the sunrise. Especially in winter, there will be a lot of seagulls with seagulls foreground. The goddess mountain is the back view. You can take a beautiful picture like Figure 2 👍 Recommend: Bird's View Mountain may not be heard by many, but the hikers around the lake will know that when people leave from the Bay of Goddess and go clockwise towards the great water, they will surely overturn the mountain, which stands on top of it, and can basically look at the mountain with the goddess's eyes. This is also a great photo with a flat view from Figure 3, and of course the n-plus angles can take a beautiful mountain of goddess, you can leave a message if you have any good recommendations"