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Top Things to Do in Guiping 2021



97 things to do found in Guiping
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Religious Sites
Liangyusheng ParkNearby City

Liangyusheng Park

4.5/540 Reviews
"Ancient Pagoda"
Mengshan Top 1 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Liang Yusheng Park is located at the southeast corner of Mengshan County, beside National Highway 321, 143 kilometers away from Guilin. The original site of   Liang Yusheng Park was the Aoshan Pagoda (Wenbi Pagoda). It was named because the pagoda was built on the top of the mountain and looked like a giant ao. The main tower was built in the 27th year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1762), and was rebuilt during the Jiaqing period and rebuilt in 1985. The tower is divided into five floors and has a hexagonal shape. Each floor has eaves. The top of the tower is covered with glazed tiles, and the top is a lotus-shaped gourd-shaped pottery. There is a couplet on both sides of the tower gate, written by Mr. Liang Yusheng (formerly known as Chen Wentong), a Hong Kong new school martial arts novelist from Mengshan County, who returned to his hometown in February 1987. The couplet said: "Wenguang reflects the sun, expand your heart to the highest point and see the hometown Help turn the page again; the gestures are so high that true talents have their own vision, and those who look forward to it are better than the former." The windows on each floor, from bottom to top, still follow the inscriptions of the old pagoda. They are: "Aofeng alone is beautiful", "Tiyun Delu", "Vitality in Han", "Light Shot Bull", "Straight Up to Toad Palace". The eaves on each layer are decorated with colorful patterns."
Tengxian Dragon Mother TempleNearby City

Tengxian Dragon Mother Temple

4/523 Reviews
"Taoist Temple"
Teng County Top 4 in Can't Miss Attractions
"Dragon Mother Temple There were two original Longmu Temples, one in front of the original Three-eye Fort Doujiasi, and the other in Xiaotongfang, Yuanshuidong Street. The date of its establishment is difficult to verify. According to legend, Dragon Mother, the god who won the Qin Zulong, was named Wen, or Pu, from Jinzhu Village in Tengxian County, or Xiaotongfang on Shuidong Street in Yidu, so the temple was named Xiaotong. Jiaqing’s "Teng County Chronicles" contained, "Father Tianrui married Yuecheng Liang, gave birth to three daughters, and the mother of the dragon was also the second. I like the place, I want to think of it as a peaceful place, because I know it silently. Going back, I get a stone egg by the stream, cut it, and produce five things, like a gecko, like the water, and the mother is growing, letting the river go, then go In the past few years, the scales have come back to see their mother in splendor. The mother knows that the dragon and the son will welcome her far away, but her parents said: “You should ride the dragon to the city of Joy. Then cross the dragon, arrive at the river mouth at dusk, land on the shore, and the five dragons The wind and thunder protect each other. In one night, the ground has become a tomb, and people think it is different. Because of the establishment of temples, it is extremely responsive, so the incense has only flourished.""
Dragon Mother TempleNearby City

Dragon Mother Temple

4.2/5245 Reviews
"Matsu Temple"
Wuzhou Top 4 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
""Wuzhou Dragon Mother Temple" is located on the east bank of Guijiang River in the north of Wuzhou City. It was built in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was rebuilt during the Wanli, Kangxi and Yongzheng reigns of the Ming Dynasty. It still has the architectural style of the Song Dynasty. Since Wuzhou is the hometown of Dragon Mother and the birthplace of Dragon Mother Culture, Wuzhou Dragon Mother Temple is also called "Long Mother Tai Temple". The Dragon Mother Temple scenic area includes the archway, the front hall, the Dragon Mother Palace, the Dragon Mother Palace, the bell tower, the drum tower, the tower, etc., as well as the 38-meter dragon mother statue, the highest in China. The eighth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar and the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar are said to be the birthday of the dragon mother and the day of ascension to the immortal. During the period, many believers from Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas Chinese would form a tour group to celebrate the birthday, some even thousands of people. On the birthday of the Dragon Mother, the temple is open all night long, attracting good men and women to worship, incense, touch the dragon bed, take the dragon mother mirror, use the dragon mother to comb, wash the dragon mother water, drink the dragon mother tea, and put coins into the head of the longevity turtle , Just like the holidays." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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