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Top Things to Do in Wenshan 2021



100 things to do found in Wenshan
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Historic Sites
Honghe Hani Rice TerracesNearby City

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

4.6/51,210 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 223 reviews
"UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site"
"Terraced Field"
Yuanyang Top 1 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31 (Local time)
"Jiang Ji/Travel Notes of Yuanyang Terraces Yuanyang Terraces are located in the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, which is a world-class intangible heritage landscape. At this point, I have basically figured out the rules for determining the names of ethnic minority autonomous regions. It was originally based on the local ranking of ethnic minorities. It is obvious that the Hani ethnic group is the most populous ethnic group, followed by the Yi ethnic group. Yuanyang Terraces is the general term for this huge-scale terraces. The main viewing spots actually have their own names. Specifically, they are represented by Bada Terraces, Duoyishu Terraces and Laohuzui Scenic Areas. The more specific point is the Dam. It is famous for the sunset over the terraced rice fields, the sunrise over Duoyishu and the colorfulness of the tiger's mouth. This time I was not good in time, and the weather was not good. There was neither the colorfulness of golden autumn or early spring nor the beauty of blue sky and white clouds. Rain and cloudy weather dominated most of the time. Fortunately, the scale of the terraces will not change due to the weather, so the magnificence is still there. Of course, rain has the advantage of rain. You can enjoy all kinds of clouds, either as thick as a quilt, or as ethereal as a veil, watching her gather together like a smoke, and watch her spread out like smoke. Halfway up the mountain, at the top of the mountain. The greens of the fields range from tender green to thick verdant, oily and plump like an oil painting, and the ridges are outlined as lines connecting end to end. The brush strokes are quite Van Gogh's connotation, so it is not an exaggeration to praise the beauty. It is conceivable that if it is in a better season and better weather and sky, this will be a treasure-level picture. No wonder this is also a famous gathering point for photography enthusiasts. You can see the platform roads and stairs built everywhere. , Is to fully consider the number of tourists in peak season. Traveling in the off-season, the greater advantage is that no one is vying for a seat, and no one is disturbing, so you can enjoy and shoot quietly. I would prefer pictures with buildings and characters involved, which are more agile and emotional than pure scenery. Moreover, the off-season costs are lower, and you can spend more time waiting and experiencing. In the small town of Hani, I saw old and dilapidated houses, which are said to be completely ethnic minority, so that no matter how modern the interior is, the appearance of the entire scenic area must be unified, and even unusable ventilation structures. This cannot be said badly, because there is too much demand for tourists during peak seasons and there are too many homestays. In order to maintain an advantage in the competition, everyone must work hard on equipment and facilities. However, there is no consistent appearance and it is nondescript, so there are achievements there. The unified design of the film and the unified construction of the houses have also formed a landscape. The food here is nothing to praise, they are all local dishes, the taste is very common, so I won't recommend it. The locals are very enthusiastic and generous. They may have seen a lot. They know the preferences of tourists, so the children engaged in the catering service industry are very generous, which can be considered as a full expression of the warmth and hospitality of ethnic minorities. Generally speaking, there are still many attractions for a circle of tens of kilometers of Yuanyang terraces. Except for a few well-known scenic spots, you need to buy tickets for other scenery. The places that need tickets are not expensive. The time should be enough for two days and one night. Up." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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