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Historic Sites
Xianglong Hill Cliff

Xianglong Hill Cliff

4.7/56 Reviews
"Historical Site"
Ranked No. 4 in Neijiang Important Religious Institutions
"Halfway up the mountain next to the city government garden, you can savor it carefully. There is a pavilion where you can rest and take a look. No tickets. In addition to cars coming and going, it is also a quiet place in the busy city. I occasionally go to a daze in my spare time. The carvings and inscriptions on the cliffs of Xianglong Mountain began in the middle and late Tang Dynasty, when Buddhist culture was widely spread in Greater China. Inscriptions were added in the Five Dynasties, Song, Ming, Qing and the Republic of China. It has a history of more than a thousand years. The statue is located at No. 3 Xianglong Road, Central District, Neijiang City, at the northern foot of Xianglong Mountain on the south side of the intersection of Xinhua Road and Yuxi Road, facing the street to the north, facing the municipal government, and the office area of the Nanjie Municipal Committee. The statues and stone carvings are distributed on the cliffs of Beilu, arranged in an east-west direction. The niches are about 1,850 square meters in area and 206 meters in length, naturally undulating along the cliffs. There are 131 niches, 24 stone inscriptions and 815 cliff statues. The large statues are as high as several meters, and the small ones are only a few inches. Skilled in techniques and different in appearance, it is a rare artistic relic of cliff statues and stone carvings, and it is also a valuable Buddhist cultural and artistic heritage."