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Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach

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"Redondo Beach, Redondo Beach, one of the top ten beaches near Los Angeles in Southern California. Fine sand and rough rocks, surrounded by dams inside and outside, is a great yacht harbor. Sitting on the beach for a long time, listening to the waves, not feeling indulged in the blue tide of the golden beach, the setting sun is like blood... It seems that the old clouds are slowly passing by, but they are unable to follow. Suddenly, like a dream, lying on his back in the sleeper of the train, swaying, remembering like waves: The rumbling of the night breeze spread from far away The sound of the whistle is passing through the city center, the city edge and the city shadow Broken Flute The flute is sounding heavy, mountains and rivers are overwhelming, holes are piled up, and foggy Countless crossings, as if the friction and penetration that I can't remember The windows reflect dim yellow and black, familiar faces Waiting for you, or waiting for me, the dusk is thick Or you and me, take the last class The tide hits (Blue and red, Yan or smoke, dust and yellow, unfamiliar) Lin Chen is a little confused The balance line suddenly appeared frivolous, looking back, combing hair, drawing eyebrows and lips A hook on the lip line, then it snows, goes to bed, and makes waves The hand holding the smoke in the window mullion dries in the wind and gradually becomes cold Babble in my dream, the last hot Pain, no blood Meeting is a cigarette Life is a cigarette Kiss is a cigarette The effort of a cigarette burns to ashes (In the back room, he called baby, she subconsciously hummed He trembled like an electric shock, but she pressed his hand hard: don't move) The night is sinking...from this shore to the other shore You and I travel together. The car is old, old and kind You are old and never known You are new and familiar You are my last touch of the setting sun Before dawn, red and black had a climax You and me are dating in your pillow In dreams, dreams are not dreams, flowers are not flowers, the sound of the whistle The sound is far away, but it penetrates the heart (That year, I woke up and fell dead You, the local accent, the wheel, weigh me seven inches Crisp, delicate and addictive)"