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About Congjiang

Congjiang County is located in the southeast of Guizhou Province and shares a border with the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Congjiang County is home to the tall-housed rural township of Xiaohuang Village, which has been named a “Chinese folk culture and art village” by the Ministry of Culture. Visitors will also find Zhanli Village which has been called a “land of peach blossoms.” Another attraction is Zengzhuang Drum Tower in Wangdong Township, a village which has been listed among the third group of major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level.

Popular Attractions in Congjiang

Jiabang Terrace
209 Reviews
Terraced Field
Jiabang Rice Terraces is located in the northeast of Jiabang Township in the west of Jiang County. It is a masterpiece of the Miao people's stockings. The rice fields of the Miao nationality are built on the mountain and vary with the terrain of the mountain. The superb terraces are not only large in scale but also beautiful in appearance. The mountain villages, small villages and terraced fields in the terraced fields are in harmony with nature, reflecting the beauty of harmony between mankind and nature.
Xiaohuang Dong village
49 Reviews
Folk Village
Xiaohuang Dong village is the name for the three administrative villages—Xiaohuang, Gaohuang, and Xinqian . Xiaohuang, a famous "Dong songs' nest" in the Dong nationality area, has the fine name of "sound of nature." Xiaohuang Dong song is called "Gaxiaohuang" in the Dong language, meaning "Xiaohuang's song", and features its own system and unique charm. Dong songs have many forms, singing about life, love, labor and so on. The big songs of the Dong nationality are a chorus with no accompany of instruments, which can only be heard during the holidays.
Dong Nationality Style Village of Zhanli
30 Reviews
Folk Village
Basha Miao Nationality Village
463 Reviews
Folk Village
Lasha Miao Village is located on the slope of the Duliu River side of Cuijiang County, Guizhou Province. Due to its remote location, it still retains its ancient and primitive lifestyle. The sand Miao village is built on the mountain, layered on top of each other, and it is often difficult to distinguish the direction. The houses are all ancient hanging houses, and the roof is covered with cedar bark, which maintains the original taste of the ancient Miao Village.

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Congjiang Weather

Aug 12, 2020
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Trip Moments

There is a saying in Guizhou that "three miles are flat", the special environment is adapted to local conditions, and the fields here are all open to the mountains. The height of the altitude and the size of the hillside create terraces of different shapes. On the way from the city of Cangjiang to the list, you can see a small town surrounded by mountains and terraces. How happy the villagers living in this small village are, away from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization, scattered villages like islands, deep in the depths of the mountains. In the scenery of the list, it is necessary to slowly and slowly look at it. It is really beautiful. The mountains here are covered by terraces. Green is the theme that will never change here. Some magnificent landscapes are hard to tell with words. When you see them, there are too many emotions. The size of the terraces in plus is incredible, the total area is close to 10,000 mu, and the continuous shutter is 25 kilometers. The shutter can't stop here. The scenery is often in a moment, from a close look, it is If you dont move, the terraced fields stand here for a hundred years. From a long-term perspective, the clouds are changing rapidly, and the beauty seems to be an illusion. The top of the list is the "ladder". The terraces climb up from the Jiahe Valley around the mountain beams. Like a "ladder" connecting the heavens and the earth, the height difference between the ladders is nearly two or three hundred meters. The size and shape of each part of the terraces that are hundreds of meters long are completely different. Peer partners like to call the scenery here "a long stretch of the wedding."
Posted: Dec 29, 2018
JOJO’s wonderful trip   
The Han family has a book that can't be read, and the family has a song that can't be sung. The Yi people have no words, so their wisdom and history are preserved by language and songs. The children grew up listening to the songs, and the songs told them the truth of life, the history of the Yi people. Young men and women are in groups of three and five, gathered in "Yuetang", using songs to convey affection and find people they like. The old man sat by the campfire and sang, and the time passed. Just stepped into Xiaohuang, a two-and-a-half-year-old Yi nationality girl hung two small noses and ran to me in front of me. I sang non-stop, I was very surprised at the time, until her grandfather told me This little guy is singing songs to us, and I was surprised to find that the "singing voice" of the little guy is really high, low, slow, and inconsistent, and occasionally mixed with a little melody. At this moment, I suddenly remembered what Mr. Pan said along the way. In the eyes of Xiao Huangren, "songs raise the heart, raise the body," singing and eating are just as important. They sing and sing to fill the spiritual gap and develop a good "singing with singing and singing for fun". habit. From the time of learning, the children began to teach singing, teaching the ox leg, teaching the playing cymbals, etc., and they have been singing, pulling, and playing to the old, and have been passed down from generation to generation. Its no wonder that since ancient times, it has been the birthplace of big songs.
Posted: Dec 4, 2018
A hundred years of Qiangzhai Tianyin, the most concentrated original ecological feast here is the ocean of the big song of the village, the second day of the trip to eat breakfast in this time to listen to a little yellow song is wonderful. "The Big Song of the Dai" originated from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It has a history of more than 2,500 years. It is a form of folk chorus with multiple voices, no command, no accompaniment and natural chorus in the Chinese Yi area. In 1986, at the Golden Autumn Festival in Paris, France, the Dai songs were unveiled and they were shocked. They were considered to be "clear spring-like music, passing the melody of the edge of ancient dreams." If you can choose the gender of your child, would you like? This is illegal in the metropolis, but it is a well-known secret in [Zhanli Village]. The generation is passed down by generation. The "flower-changing" is the birth secret of a family and a man. The woman gave birth to a boy in the first child, drinking the water of the female well and adding a second child called "flower change" to give birth to a girl, and vice versa. Science can't be explained today, but it is a fact that the natural population growth rate is almost zero in the past few decades. Zhanli Yuzhai built a village for more than 700 years, from generation to generation, the strict rules of the village: not allowed outside, not allowed to marry, to conservatively change the secrets of flowers and plants. And the secret of changing flowers and plants is only in the hands of a pharmacist. This ancient and legendary humanistic color adds a touch of mystery to Zhanli.
Posted: Mar 6, 2019
It is called Xiaohuang Yuzhai, a "hometown of songs", located in the northeast of Congjiang County in southeastern Yunnan. It is a small village worthy of our pride. As early as 1996, Xiao Huangs four Yi girls Just in Paris, singing Chinese folk art with singing, unaccompanied and undirected harmony is even more fascinating to the Parisian who is picky about art. This is rare in the international music scene at the time. It is like spring music. It has created a veritable "hometown of Chinese folk art." Understanding Xiao Huang, you have to start from the song, understand the history of the song, understand its culture, and feel the simplicity and kindness of the Yi people. In Xiaohuang, the name of the Yi people is very different from that of the Han nationality. The boy of the Yi nationality calls it Luo Han, the girl calls it wax , the child calls it wax , and the old man calls it silver old. From the beginning of the study, the wax scorpion will be sent to the musicians to start learning children's carols. Adult wax scorpions and arhats have fixed time learning exercises every day. Their lives are carried out and accompanied by songs and musical instruments. There are also many categories of Acura, and there are similarities in listening to them. Listening is different. There are also many categories of acura, and there are similarities in listening to them. Listening is very different. The waxy songs mainly sing the pastoral life, the sound is pure and bright, innocent and lively. It sounds like a warm sunshine. Silver is based on narrative songs. Low and soft, in the voice of Xiao Huang, the secrets and stories that are unknown. The song is the warmest touch and the hardest fist.
Posted: Dec 29, 2018