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Things To Do in Daan

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滇国剑客The natural landscape of the Baishan and Heishui in Jilin, coupled with the fertile land resources, has formed a good natural advantage, so it is said that Daan Nenjiang Bay National Wetland Park, everyone likes to play.
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_We***47I didn’t exist many years ago. I think I was a half-year-old child when I first built it. I have a lot of affection every brick and tile. After all, where I have been working for nine years, I miss it very much and pay tribute to the most beloved youth! ! !
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吃货少女(›´ω`‹ )Chagan Lake must punch the scenic spot 🏖️ Wild Duck Island, 🌸 Flower Sea, here to see 🦆 Duck Xiangji, reward 🌹 Pupai Xianghong, breathe 🍃 fresh air, ecological scroll let people linger. Try the same Chinese food on the tip of the tongue 🐟 Fat Head Fish, not a trip
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GY19910306Pleasant scenery, fresh air, and delicious wild fish
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augustwuwingOn weekends, I took time to go for a walk in the zoo and return to my childhood zoo trip. Go to the zoo early, otherwise the animals will go to bed at noon and they can’t wake up. Hahaha, the large beasts in the morning are still very awake.
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TodyaoWinter fishing in Chagan Lake, namely winter fishing in Chagan Lake (or fishing and hunting), is a traditional fishery production method (custom) in Qianguoerluosi Mongolian Autonomous County, Songyuan City, Jilin Province. Although the years have changed, the magic, mystery and sacredness of winter catching in Chagan Lake remains. At the sacrificial ceremony of winter catching, Mongolian girls in costume offered dried milk to the fishermen. The lama handed the offerings in his arms to the "fishing bar head" one by one, and the "fishing bar head" placed the offerings on the altar table in order, and then put the nine incense sticks in the three incense burners to light them, and then led the lamas to circle clockwise. The altar, the ice cave and the ice and snow obo were rotated three times and chanted. After that, the "fishing head" stood in the middle of the venue, raised the wine bowl, raised his head with both hands, and began to recite the words of sacrifice to the lake: "Ah!

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Nenjiangwan National Wetland Park of Da'anBaicheng,China

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Wujianfang Shuidao FairylandBaicheng,China

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Yueliang Lake Tourist ZoneBaicheng,China

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Book of Han Relic SiteBaicheng,China

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Anguanghuguo TempleBaicheng,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Daan, including: Nenjiangwan National Wetland Park of Da'an,Wujianfang Shuidao Fairyland,Zoo
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