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Top Things to Do in Daan 2020



64 things to do found in Daan
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Yanfu Temple Shuangta

Yanfu Temple ShuangtaNearby City

4.4/510 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The shape of the twin towers has a strong Mongolian style, and the paintings on the stone walls reflect the imprint of Han culture. This is a concentrated expression of the charm of Mongolian and Han culture, which is particularly gorgeous and dazzling against the blue sky and grassland."
Baijinbao Ruins

Baijinbao RuinsNearby City

4.1/57 Reviews
Historical Site
"It is not easy to discover the so-called ruins in the inaccessible parts of the Northeast. It is said that there were many post stations in this area in ancient times. Later, people who fled from famine from all directions gathered here to make a living by fishing."
Nong'an Ancient Pogoda

Nong'an Ancient PogodaNearby City

4.4/5122 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Nong'an Liao Tower is the Nong'an Ancient Tower. It is the most representative building of the Liao Dynasty, one of the rare Liao and Jin period cultural relics north of the Great Wall, and the northernmost ancient pagoda in my country. It was built in the third year of Taiping (1023 AD) during the Yelulongxu period of Shengzong of the Liao Dynasty."
Balicheng Ruins

Balicheng RuinsNearby City

4.5/526 Reviews
Historical Site
"This one is still worth seeing. Even on a cold winter day, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful. This is the characteristic of the north. It is very suitable for taking pictures here on a snowy day!"
Mount Daqing Relic Site

Mount Daqing Relic SiteNearby City

4.4/55 Reviews
Historical Site
"Special reminder from Daqingshan site:    1. Tourists can buy down jackets and woolen trousers locally. The price is cheap, and they are thick and cold-resistant. In addition, you can bring a set of hats, scarves and gloves to be foolproof. 2. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in the Northeast is very large, with alternating hot and cold, and it is very easy to catch a cold, so it is best to bring medicines such as cold medicine. 3. In severely cold and dry places, hands are prone to prickling, and lips are prone to chapped. You can always wear lip balm or moisturizers. 4. In Harbin, which is dozens of degrees below zero, the shutters of professional cameras will be too cold to open. Therefore, if you bring professional cameras, you must pay attention to the warmth of the machine. 5. If you are lucky enough to be a guest at a local home, you can try to eat on the kang. It is very interesting. If you sleep on the kang, it is easy to get angry. You should drink more water and eat more fruits after getting up."
Ang'angxi Relic Site

Ang'angxi Relic SiteNearby City

4.1/521 Reviews
Historical Site
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Ang Angxi, may be very strange to many people, but also very strange to me. The reason why I chose to return here is because his name is really interesting. But when I came here, I was attracted by this small town in the north. Except that the road in front of the train station was not very spacious, there was one room after another that was left by the Russians. If you ask the locals, some locals say that these are all things left by Lao Maozi. But it is these ruins that show their historical value in the quiet, and they are very worthwhile for those who like him to come and appreciate them."
Zhongtian Temple

Zhongtian TempleNearby City

5/51 Reviews
Historical Site
"Standing on the platform outside the temple, looking down at this simple town"

HuiyuansiNearby City

Historical Site
Anguanghuguo Temple

Anguanghuguo Temple

Historical Site
The old post office in changchun

The old post office in changchunNearby City

4.6/551 Reviews
Historical Site
Historical Architecture
"The old post office in Changchun, a landmark building, has historically remembered its role in Changhe. Although most people don’t go to the post office nowadays, in those days, telegrams, deposits, and mailing letters were inseparable from it!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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