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Top Things to Do in Daan 2020



183 things to do found in Daan
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Chaganhu Yulie Cultural Museum

Chaganhu Yulie Cultural MuseumNearby City

4.3/515 Reviews
"The scenery is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the price is very high!"
Genghis Khan Calling in

Genghis Khan Calling inNearby City

3.7/56 Reviews
Memorial Hall
"Genghis Khanzhao is located on the north side of the highway at the back hill of Miaoyin Temple on the shore of Chagan Lake. It is surrounded by white walls and green tiles to form a garden, covering an area of 13 hectares and a building area of more than 2,000 square meters. A corridor in front of the main hall leads directly to the gate. At the garden altar of the tunnel, a round sculpture of Genghis Khan stands. The lower part of the main hall is flat-roofed and white walls. The top of the second floor is a three-cone-shaped yurt covered with green glazed tiles. The eaves are decorated with traditional Mongolian stripes. The whole building adopts the combination of Mongolian and Tibetan style, which is pure, simple, elegant and generous in the ten thousand green bushes, and the national style is dignified and honest."
Jilin Chaganhu Guojia Ji Ziranbaohuqu Museum

Jilin Chaganhu Guojia Ji Ziranbaohuqu MuseumNearby City

4/51 Reviews
"Every winter, Chagan Lake has attractive winter fishing activities, which is really fun"
Book of Han Relic Site

Book of Han Relic Site

5/51 Reviews
"I just passed by here once and didn’t visit in person and leave memorial photos. It’s a pity"
Iron Man Wangjinxi Memorial

Iron Man Wangjinxi MemorialNearby City

4.7/5413 Reviews
Memorial Hall
"Daqing cannot retain people. Although there are not many tourist attractions, and Daqing focuses on the development of the oil industry, the Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall is definitely worth a visit. First of all, the building is very beautiful and magnificent. The museum introduces the advanced deeds of Wang Jinxi and the Daqing Petroleum Campaign. Although Wang Jinxi is only a representative, Daqing has thousands of iron men, but the human spirit has to be passed on. Old people can miss history and children can learn spirit. It is a good place to visit in Daqing. To be honest, I came to this memorial this time and met someone I admired very much. Her name is An Li, and she should be responsible for the deployment and management of the narrator. She has very strong working ability, is very considerate and good at solving problems. I think her service is very good. Ask me to say that this is the benchmark of the service staff, it really makes me feel a little touched by this trip"
China Melmeg Wetland Museum

China Melmeg Wetland MuseumNearby City

4.6/55 Reviews
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"In the Momoge National Nature Reserve, the first stop of the sightseeing car, there are quite a lot of exhibits, very interesting, there is also an indoor tree house, and there is an automatic answering machine to test the learning results, which is very fun."
Tieren Memorial Hall

Tieren Memorial HallNearby City

4.7/521 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 14 reviews
Memorial Hall
"Daqing Iron Man Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall is the first workers' memorial hall in my country. With the theme of "patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking, dedication-the soul of oil", the museum area covers an area of 11.6 hectares, the main building area is 21,500 square meters, the total exhibition hall area is 4790 square meters, and 1780 exhibits are on display. Daqing Ironman Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall is affiliated to PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. and was founded in 1971. The new museum opened on September 26, 2006 on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the discovery of the Daqing Oilfield. Premier Wen Jiabao wrote the name of the museum himself. It is now a national first-class museum, a national patriotism education demonstration base, top ten national exhibitions, a Chinese petroleum enterprise spirit education base, a Daqing oilfield enterprise spirit education base, and a Daqing clean government education base. 【view】 [Price ratio]"
Daqing Museum

Daqing MuseumNearby City

4.7/597 Reviews
"Very interesting and good organized place. Unfortunately, the staff doesn't speak English but even though it's worth to visit. One of the best experiences in Daqing."
Daqing Oil Field History Museum

Daqing Oil Field History MuseumNearby City

4.5/598 Reviews
Memorial Hall
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall is located at No. 32, Zhongqi Road, Saertu District, Daqing City, which was originally the seat of the Daqing Petroleum Battle Command. On March 8, 2005, it was decided to build the "No. 2 Yard" into the Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall. The construction of the Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall lasted 18 months and 18 days. It opened on September 26, 2006. The Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall covers an area of more than 15,900 square meters, with an exhibition area of more than 4,200 square meters, and has 7,458 exhibits in the collection. The Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall is a boutique exhibition "close to reality, close to life, and close to the masses""
Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo

Museum of the Imperial Palace of ManchukuoNearby City

4.4/53,599 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 125 reviews
Open from 05/01-09/30,8:30am-5:20pm;Open from 10/01-04/30,8:30am-4:50pm (Local time)
"worth the trip to make if you are interested in the history of China. Puyi’s life after leaving the forbidden city." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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