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About Dali

Dali City (大理市), located in western Yunnan Province, China, was the capital of the ancient Nanzhao (南诏) Kingdom and Dali (大理) Kingdom. Dali City is inhabited by a concentration of minority peoples, mainly the Bai. At the heart of this scenic area is Dali Old Town, north of which stand the Three Pagodas of the Chongsheng (崇圣) Temple, a legacy of the Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms. On the periphery of simple and elegant Dali are the majestic Cang (苍) Mountain and charming Erhai (洱海) Lake.

Popular Attractions in Dali

Erhai Lake
6,027 Reviews
Boat Tour
Erhai Lake is located on the eastern side of the ancient city of Dali at the foot of Mount Cangshan. Nominated as one of the four famous views in Dali, it is a destination you must not miss! The scenery there is spectacular. With good weather and lighting most of the year, it is an ideal location for landscape photographers. Every village surrounding the lake has its own unique style and highlights. One of the common ways of touring Erhai is to rent an electric scooter or car. There are also boat rides available if you want to visit the several islands and islets at the lake. Or, you can just simply find a seaview hotel next to Erhai and chill there for the day.
Butterfly Spring Park
2,385 Reviews
Butterfly Spring Park is located at the foot of Nongfeng peak, Dali Cangshan Mountainj. It is known for the legend of the butterfly society and the old movie "Five Golden Flowers." The Butterfly Spring is a square spring pool with clear mirror-like spring water. From time to time, a string of silvery bubbles pops up from the bottom of the spring. In addition to spring water, there is a "Butterfly World" where butterflies are bred, and a butterfly museum displaying butterfly specimens.
Dali Ancient City
5,731 Reviews
Historic Town
Located at the foot of the beautiful Cangshan Mountain, Dali Ancient City is the capital of ancient Nanzhao and Dali countries. With a slow pace lifestyle, a relatively warm climate and beautiful natural surroundings, it is a very conducive place for living. Combing the ancient city for artsy shops and hipster cafes is a very therapeutic and thrilling experience. The third and fourth month of the lunar calendar is filled with a lot of local festivals. The famous San Yue Jie or "Third Month Street", is the biggest festival of the year for local Bai people. Merchants come from far and wide to set up street markets and sell their interesting array of goods. There's also horse racing, archery and other competitions throughout the day. Join in the fun if you happen to be there!
Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple Cultural Tourism Area
7,558 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple Cultural Tourism Area is located at the foot of Cangshan Mountain and faces the Erhai Lake. It is a symbol of Dali's landmarks. It is also one of the most impressive historical buildings in the country. As of now, it has a history of a thousand years. The best photography spot for the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple is the “Three Pagodas Juying Pond” at the Three Pagoda Reflection Park, where the pagodas and their reflections in the pool can be photographed together.

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Trip Moments

Meeting is a romantic starting point, even if you leave it for the next time you meet more beautifully. We are not good at parting and saying goodbye, but we are still willing to meet - just because of the romance in our hearts... Shuanglang is a place with dreams and love, Dali Shuanglang Shili Lihai Peninsula honeymoon boutique holiday The hotel is located at the starting point of Huanhai Road in Shuanglang Town. It is 100 meters away from the expressway, so the traffic is quite convenient. There are shuttle buses from Dali Railway Station and Dali Ancient Town.
I like to enjoy the sun in the afternoon on the wicker chair of the 180-degree honeymoon soup pool and the large balcony of the honeymoon boutique hotel in the poetry Lili Bohai Peninsula Honeymoon Boutique Resort. I watched the sea and the best products, and dreamed of her. After waking up, you can enjoy the free afternoon tea provided by Shi Lili while enjoying the cozyness with her in the honeymoon soup pool. Then, taking advantage of the sunset, I went to the open-air viewing platform on the top of the 4th floor, and lie down to enjoy the warmth of today, watching every inch of the skin that is slowly spreading over the lake and the terrace. The
75m2 suite is wide enough to be comfortable enough for the view, and the arrival of the night will make Shi Lili more romantic and charming. Double-hearted rose petals decorate the bedroom, and the evening meal is already on the balcony of the viewing. Let's watch the night view together. The starry light on the other side can even see the starlight of the ancient town of Xizhou. Breeze in the breeze, the waves of the sea slap gently on the shore, the stars flashing tonight, no heart sleep, the more romantic the night. Come to a flower bath, meet like water molecules, and perform the rhythm of water that belongs to only two people. I hope that the Bohai Sea will always be so beautiful. May you and me meet the most beautiful!
Posted: Dec 19, 2018


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