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Dali 9 net red photo holy land | with the most complete Dali travel photo guide!

Xizhou Ancient Town
The Bai people's buildings here are very simple. On the road, you can see a lot of Bai people's tie-dye craft cloth hanging on the wall. It is recommended to wear ethnic style clothing and scenery. The photos taken will also have a special feeling~

Ma Jiuyu grove
Comparatively photographed, there is a desolate artistic sense in autumn, especially suitable for taking pictures with close-up.

Dali University
Sakura is in full bloom in March, and there is also winter cherry blossoms in December. Here you can stand in the middle of the road, take photos yourself in the middle of the cherry trees, or stand up under the trees. Looking at the cherry blossoms, its also a very long-lasting feeling~

couple tree
According to legend, the couple who made the vow here will be able to grow old, no need to take more shots here, just need a wide-angle lens to stay one The photo of Zhangs wishing under the tree is enough.

Hai Tong Park
Sparkling There are many dead trees on the sea. The artistic sense is very strong. It is especially suitable for taking pictures of some literary fans. Remember to use the reflection of the camera, there will be different. Found ~

Little Putuo
One winter Siberian red-billed seagull will fly to Dali for the winter, and the island and the seagull alone will constitute a beautiful picture that you can't bear to destroy. .

Meadow, windmill and gravel road are excellent photo points, especially small and fresh, far-reaching close-ups are particularly suitable, it can be said that Dali new wedding photos Holy land.

The cherry blossoms here are more suitable for aerial photography. The unobstructed valley is the magical work of nature.
Do not live in Dali listening to the flower garden sea view garden, it is equal to not have come to Dali! Such a beautiful inn is really a recommended light ah!
In the last month of this year, I chose to go to Yunnan, and the first stop was Dalis listening to the flower hall. I was beautifully photographed by Xiaobeis sky. I felt that there would be such a beautiful place to take pictures, so I quickly booked a room to buy a ticket and flew over. The inn is really beautiful and has no friends. I recommend a few super good places to shoot.
1, the transparent boat at the door, the best position on the top floor facing the balcony of several rooms in the Bohai Sea.
2, the super big moon on the top floor, the weather in Dali is very easy to meet the sunset, and it is best to take a look before it is dark! There is also a photographer in the listening flower hall inn, you need to shoot with the photographer in advance!
3, about ten minutes drive from the inn, there is a deer lying in the mountain, where you can also take a picture of the super ins wind ~
[Zan R] inn: listening to the flower garden sea view garden
Address: No. 3, Ship Island, Haiyin Village, Dijing Town, Dali City, Shuanglang Scenic Area
Inn is very close to the small Putuo and the town of Dig, and the location can be said to be very superior~ In addition, the inn itself has In the restaurant, breakfast is a very rich buffet and it is convenient to eat. The inn is right at the seaside, and the room is super large. In particular, it is the inn's bathrobe. It is the best and most special one I have ever seen in countless hotels. How can I stay here without Dali? what!