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"Observation Deck"
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"Recently I went to Sichuan West for a drive around, found many good places for camping, the kind of scenery! And these places are not far from Cheng, very suitable for weekend relaxing. Speaking of western Sichuan, the first reaction is the Gongga God Mountain, so this camping around the Gongga God Mountain around, but also is a good place to watch the sun. However, these places are all around 3600-4000 above sea level, so friends who are not well advised to stay overnight, bring your camping equipment, and picnic relaxation is also a good choice. TIPS: The plateau is very strong in UV, so it is recommended to bring sunscreen equipment, and also can be windproof. Don't ask me why I say this, because I just forgot to bring it, heart plug. [Stingo] is located next to Kangding Airport, which should be the nearest place to see Gongga around Chengdu. There will be a pass before entering, and there will be a cleaning fee of 10 yuan per person. The surrounding area is relatively empty. The overall environment is not ideal, but it is suitable for taking pictures. [Yuzixi] This should be one of the most famous places to see the Rizhao Jinshan in Gongga, and at the same time you can enjoy the Rizhao Jinshan in Yala Snow Mountain. This is my recommended camping camp, and camping for the night is also very good, you can see the beautiful Milky Way at night. There are two roads on Yuzi West, the road conditions are good, but the road may be closed in winter, everyone needs to pay attention to the road conditions. [Honghaizi] to the roadside attractions of Kangding Airport. Although you can't see the Gongzi, the overall environment is very suitable for camping! See snow mountain, nice lake and beautiful galaxy at night. Cleaning fee of 10 yuan / person will be charged where you go in."