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Mount DawagengzhaNearby City

Mount Dawagengzha

4.1/5176 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Baoxing Can't Miss Attractions
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"God base - Davaganza, believe that many friends are taking this route, I this travel book mainly to the friends who do not drive, self-driving can pass. The first day by car from Ya'an to Baoxing and then to Tongxiang, everything is very smooth, get off the car from the entrance of the Shenmulei scenic spot only a few hundred meters away, walk to. Tickets are about 50 people, there is a sightseeing car in the door, 20 on the mountain, 10r down the mountain, everyone can judge by their own situation whether to sit or not (it is best to decide on the beginning, the half-way traffic will not stop, the service attitude of the scenic spot staff is quite general). The scenery is quite good, especially after going up the mountain, there is a feeling of not being a trip. The nightmare started after going down the mountain. The scenic spot is closed at 5:30. When we went down the mountain, it was about 6 o'clock. We wanted to go to Dava Gengza for a night and get up early the next morning to see the sunrise. However, there is no car, there is no direct car, only private chartered car, ten kilometers of road, the driver here will charge us one hundred and two people, can be said to be killed Ming. Can't, found the hotel to call someone to pick up (this is my own lack of a good strategy, everyone has learned a lesson), finally, at 7 o'clock on the car to Dawa Gengza, is also paid, but the price is relatively reasonable. (The hotel I am looking for is also very pit, everyone must remember to book the hotel in advance and contact the boss to pick up and drop off problem). The first bus to the mountain at around 3 o'clock the next day is a bit early, the sunrise is about 6 o'clock, everyone is reasonable to leave at 4 o'clock (if there are many people). Luckily, just got off the bus when it rained heavily, I thought this time was a lonely, but did not expect to be clear at five o'clock, we actually saw this rare sunrise in June, only the beauty can comfort the heart of this difficult journey. Going down the mountain around 7 o'clock, after going down the mountain, I started to find the car of Baoxing, the old thing is repeated, yes, there is no car. Asked the small shop next to the scenic spot, private car, 80 people to Baoxing. Ah, it's a huge financial burden for a poor student, so we found a few driver contact information, the driver here can let the hotel owner help find, the back 40 people ( double the difference), we took a car back to Baoxing. In addition, things are expensive on the mountain and down the mountain, 5 yuan a bun, 25 a share of noodles, and there are no restaurants here, everyone can bring some food, take some. The scenery is really beautiful, the price is really expensive, the service is really pit. I hope that Ya'an City Government can at least perfect the traffic here! Leave a little travel experience for tourists who don't have cars or are far away. PS: Better go with the group. Better go with the group without a car. Finally, share the beauty."
Mount Siguniang (Skubla)Nearby City

Mount Siguniang (Skubla)

4.6/51909 Reviews
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Ranked #1 in Xiaojin Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 4/1-11/30,7:00am-3:30pm;Open from 12/1-3/31,8:00am-3:00pm (Local time)
"We went to Shuangqiao Valley, we were lucky, the weather was great, this scenery made my mother's hand remnants into a photography master. Give some photography advice. There is a dam on the way up, there are many sheep, the background is also good for selfies with sheep, or with grassland flowers to feed the sheep, and interact with sheep, such a photo is interesting. Then will pass a viewing spot, there is a platform with the banner, on the viewing platform, that four mountains is the four girls mountain, at that time did not know, I checked the four girls mountain shape only to contrast. So can only go to Shuangqiao Valley friends do not regret, here can see Siguniang Mountain. With the help of the room symmetry above the platform, can take good pictures. There is also along the road, with mobile phone recording of the road video, beautiful, do not believe you try. The meadow along the road can be climbed, carefully observed, some have paths, although the road is not good, but the scenery above is definitely worth it. Put the selfie stick down, you can take pictures of the blue sky, alpine meadow and yourself. Although you can't see the Siguniang Mountain, the scenery is also very good. The inside is a bit cold in the morning, but it will be fine if you take thick clothes. We brought three down jackets, basically not much to wear, and I am tired to death when I carry it, so it will not be cold when I have the sun. The back of the path is very good. Then there is the Potala Peak, the grassland there, a lot of stone, with a plastic bag, sit on the cushion, take a photo, the position is far away, meditation, good effect, and will not dirty light color clothes. Sigunacuo, go to the opposite of the lake, there is a bridge with no water sitting on it, take a side, take a good view, very cool. The railings are also taken for photos, but don't sit on the lake. There is a bump, not high, can take umbrella jumping down, video recording, screenshot, can take interesting photos. Science base, three net red punching points, sky mirror in the upstairs, sky ladder in the back of the building, ring on the front, the effect is very good. Sky mirror in the corner, a small platform, not very easy to find, attention to ha, mirror and I have to take pictures to look good, adjust the angle more than try. Ginseng Guoping, the video took a half-body close view, the snow mountain is the background, blowing the dandelion, and then slow the speed of the video, very fairy tale is very dreamy. It is recommended to wear color clothes, equipment, I brought an umbrella, Dunhuang Wenchuang red umbrella, when taking photos of the props are very good. It is not convenient to eat inside, you can bring your own hot food."