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Moerduo Temple

Moerduo Temple

4.5/55 Reviews
Ranked #8 in Danba Can't Miss Attractions
"Morduo Mountain is located in Danba County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is located at the junction of Tibetan and Han. It is a testimony to the love between Tibetans and Hans. It originates from Partridge Mountain in Aba Prefecture. The scenery is known for its magic. Mount Mordo is the sacred mountain of the Tibetans' oldest religion, black religion, and tourists have been overwhelmed by its majestic and mysterious atmosphere. The main peak of Mount Mordor is covered with snow like the cap of a holy mountain, studded with pure silver flowers. The scenery is rich, the scenic spots are numerous, and the peaks are endless. There is a magnificent mountain lake in the north of the main peak, which is commonly known as Haizi by the locals. There are natural stone blocks in the east, and there are amazing fairy caves and self-generation towers in the west. The scenery is magnificent. Extremely. In addition, Mount Mordo is the only mountain represented by women in Tibetan areas, surrounded by 108 small peaks, majestic and fascinating. Every year on the tenth day of the seventh lunar month of the lunar calendar, believers from all over the world will gather at the Murdor Temple on Mount Murdor to pay homage to the generals and pray for a year of good weather. This is a very important local festival. It is open all day for free, and it is recommended to go there by car or take a taxi or charter a car to Danba County. I am clockwise, an older youth who loves to travel, photography, and clock in. Traveling is a compulsory course in my life and an indispensable part of my life. I love to take photos at will and share my journey. Experience and experience, if you think my notes are helpful to you, please feel free to give a compliment."
HuiyuansiNearby City


4.8/535 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Ganzizhou Important Religious Institutions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"2020, September. The fifth visit to Huiyuan Temple I just like it here, I don't know why. traffic: Recommend self-driving, it should be more convenient If you take the shuttle bus, you will go straight to Bamei and then take a taxi to Huiyuan Temple Tickets: no tickets How to play Because there are more times, So I recommend ways and places worth visiting Check in Enter from the gate and walk directly into the main hall (the main hall repairs are very low-key). When you enter the door, there will be a lama to receive and guide you how to visit the main hall. You must follow the route brought by the lama to visit. You cannot take pictures or make loud noises. After the tour, take pictures and leave. The shortest tour time, 1-2 hours In-depth tour First, visit the main hall. The lama will show you around the main hall and light up the lights (a pair of 30 for small, 100 for a large pair), Second, you can sit in the hall and listen to the lama chanting. They allow visitors to meditate and attend classes in the main hall. Just be quiet. If you are lucky, you can still taste the nectar shared by the lama. This time we were lucky enough to drink it. Third, the prayer wheel Fourth, if you have time to go around the temple a few times, it also means turning around, but a big circle is more religious. This time I also saw the once-a-year mandala, a very exquisite sand city made of fine sand from Tibetan medicine. This mandala was carefully piled up with fine sand for 10 days by 6 lamas (it can be difficult to Baidu). Unfortunately, there is no way to take pictures, but the eyes are enjoyable. It was the third day of the show when we went, and after ten days of the show, the beautiful mandala would be washed away with water. We all feel it a pity. But mandala works are designed to express the fleetingness of life. It seems to warn us that life is a long sacrifice, a short gain, and the pain of loss. Sitting in the hall, although I can't understand what they are reading. But sitting in the hall for hundreds of years. Listening to the lama reading the scriptures quietly, I think I will still be quiet. This is actually quite rare for me."