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Dengchigou ChurchNearby City

Dengchigou Church

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
Open from 6:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
"Do you know who made the national treasure giant panda go to the world? Hello everyone, I’m the old night. The last episode took you to visit the Church of the Annunciation of Our Lady. The history of this church can be traced back to 1839. The French Father Deje preached and set up a church here, which was during the Daoguang reign. , Just as the century-old ban on religion was lifted in the Qing Dynasty. The century-old ban on religion began in 1706 and ended in 1805. It was an order issued by the ancestor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. Simply put, it is because the word Catholicism conflicts with our country’s imperial criminals. A hundred-year ban on religion movement was completed. Although it was more than 30 years after the end of the movement in 1839, it was actually a superficial article that was made for foreigners, showing that the Qing Dynasty’s measure of accommodating hundreds of rivers, in fact, it is still secretly. To prevent the spread and development of Catholicism in China, it is not difficult to understand why a church was built in such a remote Dengchigou. You can see from my empty mirror. Another feature of this church is that the main entrance of the church does not open on the central axis of the building, but the chapel is on the side and the courtyard on the other side. Why is the church layout like this? There is a man mentioned here, his name is Armand David, the fourth priest here. What we are now coming to is the history pavilion located in the courtyard of the church. David can be regarded as a legend in China. During the 12 years when he was engaged in scientific research and missionary activities in China from 1862 to 1874, dozens of species of animals and plants were discovered and named here in Dengchigou, Baoxing, including China’s national treasure-the giant panda, Dai Wei made a specimen of the first live giant panda he captured and shipped it to France. This is the first time a giant panda has traveled from China to the world. This specimen is still in the collection of the Natural History Museum in Paris, France. He was in France in 1900 After his death, the French Far East Church, to commemorate this priest who made outstanding contributions to world biology, funded the expansion of Dengchigou Church in 1902 and changed the name of Dengchigou Catholic Church to "Our Lady of the Annunciation Church". It means to repay Armand David for his contribution. Therefore, the church in Dengchigou has the special asymmetrical layout as it is today. The next episode will take you to the panda base located deeper in Dengchigou. See you in the next episode!"