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Adam Yue
Walking into the ancient salt fields of Zhangzhou for thousands of years, it seems to cross the time-space tunnel and walk into the bustling salt capital of Hainan Island. I witnessed this ancient craft in person and did not see the bustling scenery in the past.

The mysterious millennium salt field, hidden in the embrace of the small town of Hainan Island; never care about whether the world cares about it; spanning a hundred years of history, telling the legend of the millennium

early morning, the local elderly I will bring a parasol and move the stool to the salt field to carry out this ancient traditional method of salt making.

They will come to Yantian every morning or in the evening to wash the salt. The old people are very skilled in the action, pour the nearby salt water into the stone trough, carry out repeated brushing, and operate it, which is especially skilled.
Posted: Dec 28, 2018
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The beach where Hainan can watch the sunset is not only Sanya a migratory bird from the north. This year is the second year of coming to Hainan for the New Year. It drove more than 3,000 kilometers and finally reached the base camp in Hainan: Zhangzhou. I don't know if there are any migratory birds that drive farther than me in a year? This place may sound strange to everyone, and in the next few days I will share some of the places you can eat and play. This time, let's take a look at the most representative Yangzhou deep-water port in Zhangzhou. The waterway is 86 nautical miles from Haikou Port and 173 nautical miles from Zhanjiang Port. Yangpu Port is known as water depth, shelter from the wind, and less siltation. It can be used as a long-term coastline and a natural deep-water port. It is an important seaport for the industrial corridor of the northwestern industrial corridor of Hainan and is a national first-class open port. The Yangpu Bridge is connected to the Yangpu District from the residence. The Yangpu Bridge, which is not lost in Shanghai in terms of size and shape, is the place where I took pictures. This sea area can catch the sea at low tide, there are many cute little crabs and small fish. There is also a black reef, and the concave shape is also a good choice. At sunset, the boats that go fishing in the sea have landed, and it is also a good choice to record the silhouettes of fishing boats and people in the setting sun. Of course, the most important thing is that after taking the photo again, you can also directly purchase the seafood that has just been returned to the fishermen. The price is very cheap and the ingredients are very fresh. I hope everyone has the opportunity to come here and take a photo with the sunset in Zhangzhou.
From the park, we immediately went to the next destination, the Bingma Point Lighthouse, which is located in Longmen Village, Zhangman Town, Zhangzhou City. It is a self-driving road to the villages and towns. There are local villagers driving through the country lanes. I remembered Vietnam, a group of cattle arrogantly occupied the entire road, lined up slowly and forward, a leisurely and idyllic scenery. There are many such large wind turbines along the road. They are seen in the clouds, especially the feeling of small freshness, decided to stop and take a photo with it. standing next to it, I found out that it was still spinning, especially tall, tried several angles with a wide-angle lens, and barely had a photo that was quite satisfactory. You can see the Bingma Point Lighthouse again. It is an important navigational aid on the northwest route of Hainan Island. It has direct access to the highway. It is taller than the Lin Gaojiao Lighthouse. We can only look outside, and the interior is just under construction and cannot be accessed. The way back to the lover's bay, although the fog is relatively large, but there is still the sun, I stand on the rock in the lover's bay and look down, I feel that watching the sunset here is very good. When the sunset gradually fell, the sunset glowed red half the sky, and the fishing boats on the sea returned. From the singularity to the indifference, from the colorful to the sky, it has poured out the afterglow of love for a day, unimpeded to the sea, and we have to continue on our way to Sanya.