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Trip Moments

Daocheng Yading
Hiking in the city of Yading, passing through your world

from the world through the city of Aden, where there are sacred snow mountains, vast alpine meadows, colorful autumn forests, colorful prayers, and The blue sea, the beauty of the snowy plateau seems to be concentrated here. Like the local devout Tibetans, walking to the mountains is the best way to experience the scenery of Aden.

[Dacheng Aden Walking Route]:
Aden Scenic Area is very large. It is recommended to arrange a two-day tour in Aden. Usually, the day before is staying in Yading Village or Riwa Town. It is recommended to play on the first day. Long line, play short-term the next day, and then return to Daocheng.

[challenge self-walking long line]:
day watt - tie-filled collapse - Chonggu Temple - Luorong cattle farm - milk sea - five-color sea
long line recommended early morning Departure, Riwa takes a sightseeing bus for about 1 hour to fill the collapse, and then walks to Chonggu Temple for 15 minutes. This route is suitable for friends with better physical strength, which is a little more difficult.

"The Passing Through Your World" is a hit, the end of the Chen and the pheasant in the harvest field, the sound of the wind blowing through the fields, Mao 18 in the endless green grass The fragment of Litchis marriage proposal is truly memorable. Here is the Luorong cattle farm.

I hope that you will be as refreshing as the wind, as warm as light.
Daocheng Yading
Known as the last piece of pure land on the blue planet - Daocheng Aden, hiking milk sea five-color sea Raiders

shooting season: mid-May

Concept: Daocheng Aden, is two places, In Daocheng County and Yading Village, Shangri-La Town is also known as Riwa Town. It is about 5 kilometers away from Daocheng Yading Scenic Area. After entering the scenic spot, you need to take a one-hour bus ride for about 30 kilometers to see the three gods, Yang Maiyong and Xian Nai. As well as Charlotte Doji, you must enter the village of Aden and the Luorong cattle farm to get a glimpse of the beauty of the mountain.

Aden scenic spot tickets and play time: 270 yuan (tickets + sightseeing car) can reach Zha Guan Bian is also the Chonggu Temple, where you can walk on the Pearl Sea to see the Xiannai Shenshan, round-trip 2km about 2-3 hours If you want to hike the five-color sea and milk sea, it is recommended to take a battery car to and from the Luorong cattle farm for 80 yuan to go back and forth to the mountain for 12 kilometers, and the walking time is about 6 hours.

The biggest point of view: Three Mount Kinabalu and three sea sons, Daocheng Yading is really not famous for its name. It often has a blue sky all year round. The grasslands in different seasons are full of flowers or mountains. It is a colorful forest, and it is very atmospheric and beautiful.

Shoot the best position:
a. On the top of the five-color sea to the direction of Yangmai Yongfeng, you can shoot people very close to the snow mountain feel
b. Luorong cattle farm is shooting Yangmai The best angle of Yongfeng

This article is specially designed for the milk sea and the five-color sea to write a strategy:
1. With enough dry food, not too much or too little, probably 6 Things that can be eaten in an hour, suggest small bread, beef jerky, chocolate, and other things that are small in size and quick in energy. Be sure to bring a cup of hot tea. It will do more with less when you are out of breath.
2. Follow the crowd and go to the fork of the five-color sea and the milk sea. It is recommended to go to the sea of milk and return to the five-color sea. The steep stone ladder that goes down the sea in five colors may make you feel soft for a long time.
3. Don't look at the weather very well, don't want to bring thick clothes. In mid-May, Daocheng Aden goes to the milk sea and the five-color sea is still very cold. The thickness should be a double-faced cashmere coat. Thick, down jacket may not be needed.
4. Summer battery car runs at the latest 18
Daocheng Yading
I like to live in a place where I can see snow mountains or the sea. Because I came, Aden, out of the long-lost sun, the tourists in the car began to scream, the dream of Aden came to the forefront. I couldn't stand the slight altitude sickness and rushed forward. Soon, a big Buddha-like snow-capped mountain stood in front of our eyes, "Sinai Rishen Mountain." Its too spectacular. Along the mountain road, hike to the Chonggu Temple, and make a battery car to the Luorongniuchang. When you go up the mountain, you can see the "Shanuoduoji Mountain" and "Yangmai Yongshen Mountain". The blue sky, the unusually fresh air, lingering on the plateau, watching wild animals, alpine flowers, snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, experience the natural joy of natural harmony. Let the holy mountain water resonate with the heart and indulge in the land of dreams. Very quiet in my heart. Come here and connect the beauty of the heavens and the earth with the best wishes in your heart. The turbulence is long, continuous, and the undulating sees the softness, and the squats are in the midst of the stagnation. The vegetation of the plateau is twisted and vigorously growing. The stubbornness, the strong, the plateau and the cold and the invisible, like the heavens venting the tenacity of life. The wind erosion pattern is unusually unusual and beautiful.

Walking along the way, I went to the "Sinai Rishen Mountain", one of the three great mountain mountains, and saw the "Zhuoma Lacuo Lake". The pure blue melted snow water, plus the occasional glory and softness The sun, the light and shadow, the green. The beauty of the scenery, the colorful tree shadows, the bright and clear sunshine, and even the clouds of the sky are not let go, all in one lake gathered in the thousands of charming lake water. Exquisite, this is the life I am looking forward to.