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Suonanlinka Manor

Suonanlinka Manor

Open from 9:00am-10:00pm (Local time)
"Daocheng has a south of the border card or the first heard, to go to this place because the name is very good, so decided to go to the end of the money to explore, after arriving at the destination, only to know that this is a Tibetan culture-filled manor, here treasures today rare black tent address, Here to feel the Tibetan style, do a Tibetan girl. There are the first black tents that Tibetans have ever lived in, but the black tents have gradually disappeared into the eyes of the people. Previously, Tibetans lived in tents because they had always been in a state of uncertainty. Their dwellings were fluid, so all Tibetans used these black tents as shelters. "The rain is the place where the rain is. The black tent has a peculiar function, that is, it does not leak, although it looks like a hollow, and rain will come in when it rains, but it is not, it is a tent made of snail wool, which not only shelters the wind and rain, but also has the characteristics of warm summer and winter." If after a long period of wind and rain, the black tent is polished some thin, on the black tent paste a layer of moss, can continue to use. The black tent for Tibetans, not only a residence, but also the soul of the herdsmen, an ancient cultural heritage. But with the development of the times, the national characteristics of the black tent gradually faded, slowly began to fade out of people's vision, speaking here, they can not help but some sadness, here also hope that the national culture and characteristics have been retained, he is not only a culture and characteristics, It is a generation's mark, when they will be 100 years later, they will still have their own shadow, for his children can remember, remember the mark. The on-site production of garlic oil tea, tea fragrance and mellow milk, can also personally experience the process of making garlic oil tea, real experience under the real life of the Tibetan people. ‍ After the garlic tea is ready, you start to make garlic. Half cup garlic tea and half bowl of green garlic noodles are added. Then you force them to "roll" back and forth in the cup until the garlic tea and green garlic noodles are combined to form a dough-like appearance. You can eat them directly. I have to say that the oysters are still very good taste, oysters are one of the traditional Tibetan herdsmen staple food, it is the Tibetan people must eat every day staple food, very suitable for hunger and cold, but also easy to carry and store. After experiencing the Tibetan herdsmen's food culture, we started today's big meal, a group of people sitting together, big mouth drink, big mouth eat meat, in the words of the Tibetan herdsmen is "Happy is good", suddenly feel their lifestyle is simple and pure, like this place, I like the way things are here. After full of wine, rested for a while, experienced the Tibetan herdsmen's food and shelter, but there was no Tibetan women's clothes, so we changed the clothes here Tibetan girls, came to the city, to thoroughly experience the feeling of the Tibetan girls. When I put on the clothes of the Tibetan girl, I was very confused to wear only one sleeve, so I asked the Tibetan girl here, it was because the climate of the plateau is unpredictable, and when they went out, they could not bring a few clothes, so when it was hot, I took off one sleeve or both. Get down and fasten it around your waist, and put it on when it's cold."


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Daocheng Top 14 in Important Religious Institution
"While visiting Daocheng, we drove around and took pictures, and accidentally came to the largest temple in Daocheng-Xiongdeng Temple. It was around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The gate of the temple’s main hall had already been closed, but there were two monks chatting in the parking lot outside the temple. I asked my wife to get off the car and ask if I can still visit the temple’s courtyard; The middle-aged monk not only agreed with us to visit the courtyard, but also ordered people to take the keys to the two halls and take us in. The Tibetan temples are strictly forbidden to take pictures, so we naturally dare not make any mistakes, but the middle-aged monks see through. In consideration of our minds, he not only introduced us to the history of the temple for more than 600 years and gave us candies, but also offered to let us freely take pictures in the hall. The kindness and simplicity of the heart made us very flattered. . When we expressed that we wanted to light the Buddha lanterns to pray for blessings, he enthusiastically asked the monks to help us fetch two large boxes of Buddha lanterns for us to pray for. When I told him that my wife was birthday today, he sincerely sent blessings He instructed my wife to light the lamp according to the Tibetan Buddhist method of praying; apart from their enthusiastic and sincere help throughout the whole process, they did not hint at incense money or merit money. Such monks are my most respected! Of course, this is what we are willing and reasonable to donate. Madam had an unforgettable birthday in such auspicious and holy atmosphere." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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