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In the depths of the Greater Xing'an Mountains, the Ewenki people are inhabited. This is the only tribe in China that is domesticated with reindeer. When it comes to reindeer, everyone should think of Santa's mount in their minds. Yes, that is the reindeer, not just the Nordic. You can see that you can meet this beautiful animal in Hulunbeier. Want to get in touch with the reindeer, all we have to do is collect the moss in the shade in the forest and wait for it to appear. The Ewenki chalet is called "Xizhuzhu". After the wooden structure is built, it will be covered with waterproof birch bark. Even if it is rainstorm, don't worry. When I walked in the forest for a while, I met a reindeer and came to me. I quickly stood up and prepared to greet me with enthusiasm. I completely ignored my existence and directly bypassed me to find Sibei behind me. It's headed down with relatives, and Sibei feeds the reindeer with the moss that has just been collected. The reindeer suddenly becomes as cute as the cute pet. The original animal also likes beauty. The existence of reindeer has always been closely related to human beings. In the true sense, the reindeer is only domesticated by the Nordic Lapland and the Chinese Ewenki people. They use it as a means of transport through the forest, in the vast forests of the Greater Xing'an Mountains, often It will sound the sound of the birch barrels when the Ewenkis summoned the reindeer.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
Do you know, where is the farthest and farthest tributary of Nenjiang in the Daxinganling forest area? Speaking of Nenjiang, probably few people know, but it is well known that the Songhua River is well known. Yes, the northern source of the Songhua River is Nenjiang, and the Nanfei River is just the source of Nenjiang. I remember when I was traveling alone, I met an uncle in the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi. He said that he was going to see the source of the Yellow River. At that time, I was thinking, it would be very good to see the Yellow River, what the Taiwan compatriots are looking for. However, in the years that followed, I realized that it was a belief and yearning to find the original place. People say that the weather is the best colorist, and that summer is the best background. Daxinganling Nanfeihe National Nature Reserve, no matter how you shoot, it is beautiful. If you are lucky, you can encounter wild animals in the wetland park to have a special encounter. Whether it's spring, summer, or autumn, it's the best season to take pictures. Spring and summer, green and oily, autumn is covered with a golden "dowry" and winter in the south. The Weihe River wetland is changing into the world of ice and snow. The whole wetland is white and wrapped in a cotton ball. As China's current latitude, the highest cold temperate forest wetland nature reserve, some people live here, far away from the city's traffic, so that the ecological preservation here is better. When I saw Nenjiang in the lens, I think everyone will be touched by its quiet beauty, and the evening light and shadow will be reflected on the branches of the wetland park. This may be the reason why everyone is persistently looking for the source of the source, looking down from the sky, like a dragon.
All the way up and down, finally arrived at Taiping Forest Farm, Taiping Village is said to be a village with hundreds of years of history, almost the original ecological village, but perhaps many people do not know here, or perhaps many people have rushed through here, and Did not pay attention to here. More than a dozen households in the village, living in the depths of the mountains, pure and original, there is a quiet paradise! The birch forest in Taiping Forest Farm is free of charge. The scenic walkway is deep into the forest, and it is not inferior to the big scenic spot! Because there are very few people who know, we have no one else when we come, we are surrounded by us. A large expanse of birch forest, quietly growing on this black land, solemn and simple, elegant and quiet, the birch trees are thin and tall. Although the white birch forest in late summer is not as beautiful as the autumn. But the trunk is still white, and the green leaves are more beautiful. There are many wild flowers on the grass under the birch forest. The red, yellow, blue and purple are beautiful. Standing in the shade of the trees, you can arbitrarily shoot those tall and thick trunks. Of course, you can sit in the green velvet. Feel free to pose on the velvet grass! The weather is fine, walking on the plank road, we have come up with a variety of styling shots to make up for the rush of the bad weather in the scenic spot the day before! ! The girls sit side by side on a wooden bench, or arbitrarily on a wooden railing, or hold a leaf in the air, or play a small hide behind the pillar, or lean back The pavilion, or sitting on the ladder, or lifting a leaf through the sun, or like a naughty Rong holding a gazebo. . . . In short, this piece of birch forest is ours, girls want to shoot, two words, feel free! When the girls picked up the red, yellow and green leaves, they found out that the nails on the index finger were the same color. I wanted to use a heap of fallen leaves, but unfortunately the color of the leaves at this time is not deep enough, and the effect is average. It is said that the Mid-Autumn Festival is the most beautiful moment here. In the late autumn, the colorful trees and the mist floating in the morning sun make oil painting-like scenery. Taiping Town is like a fairyland dream. The fresh air, the tranquil environment, and the beautiful scenery of the forests make you forget the troubles of life and the pressure of work. There is no cell phone signal here. It will only be fully powered by 24 hours at the end of June this year. It used to be diesel wind power generation, only 3 hours per night. Most of the Chinese and Russian descendants in the village are also employees of the Moerdao Forestry Bureau. The Taiping Logging Farm has also completed its mission with the passage of time. Nowadays, people are going to the house, and most of them have already moved. Moer Dao. Separated from the interference of the city's hustle and bus flow, the woodcut houses with ethnic characteristics, they quietly stand in the village, telling the vicissitudes of the century in a unique way! !
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