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About Dayi

Dayi is a county under the jurisdiction of Chengdu, about an hour's drive from downtown Chengdu. The magnificent Xiling Snow Mountain is within the county, and there is also Anren Ancient Town, which is full of the Republican Era spirit. Visitors can come enjoy the natural charm of the snow-capped mountains, or go to the ancient town to feel the area’s nostalgia. For history buffs, visitors can go to the Jianchuan Museum to learn about the tragedies and the resistance of people during the Anti-Japanese War.

Popular Attractions in Dayi

Xiling Snow Mountain
7,249 Reviews
The scenery of the Xiling Snow Mountain has its own unique characteristics throughout the year. The main peak Miaojiling is one of the highest peaks around Chengdu at a height of more than 5,000 meters above sea level. The top of the mountain is covered in snow all year round and is magnificently beautiful. In spring, the azaleas in the mountains and fields are in full bloom forming a sea of flowers. Due to the lush forests, this attraction is ideal for avoiding the heat during summer. The winter season runs from end November till end March. During this period, the mountain attracts many visitors to its snow-filled attractions. There are ski resorts in the mountains as well as snowmobiles and dog sleds available for rent.
Liu's Manor Museum
1,783 Reviews
Liu’s Manor Museum, once a private residence of the landlord Liu Wencai, is now a well-preserved landlord's manor. The museum's treasure house displays the cultural relics of Liu Wencai's collection, including some paintings, writings and cultural relics and daily necessities. In the backyard of the manor, there is also are large-scale sculptures - “Rent Collection House”, which shows how the landlord collected his rent and made inspections. In the north of Rent Collection House, there is a three-story building. This is the "Lady's Building", which is said to be the residence of unmarried ladies in Liu family.
Jianchuan Museum Cluster
1,619 Reviews
The Jianchuan Museum Cluster in Chengdu is a complex of 15 museums, each of which has a different theme. The museums are organized across four major themes, including the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), Folklore and Culture, China’s revolutionary era and the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake. The museums featuring artefacts and exhibitions of the Second Sino-Japanese War are the most frequented. Each building in the museum complex is architecturally stylish, all designed by the museum’s founder, Dr. Fan Jianchuan. Appreciating these different styles of architecture is wonderful in and of itself. Jianchuan Museum Cluster features not only more than eight million artifacts in the diverse museums, it also has facilities such as a hotel, teahouse, souvenir shops and a man-made lake to the north of the complex.
Tianfu Flower Valley
602 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Tianfu Flower Valley is situated in Jinxing Town, Dayi County, Chengdu. The project is a large-scale flower sightseeing ecological farm. Tianfu Huaxi Valley is located in the Longmen Mountains, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Two mountain spring streams run through the entire area. Here the air is fresh, with blue skies and white clouds all year round. The construction of the scenic spot completely follows nature, relying on the local topography and landforms built on the mountain, integrating the streams, flowers, bamboo sea, rocks and continuous hills, and presenting the wilderness scene of the western Sichuan small plateau. Many Gesang flowers are planted in the garden, with red, purple, and white colors. The layout is evenly distributed in different colors and heights to wrap around the entire park.

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The Autumn breeze has come , let’s have a good time ! What's the best place to visit? Xinduqiao? Aden Scenic Area of Daocheng? Don't like going crowded place? Are you afraid of having nowhere to go? Sichuan is too big to make you bored.
TripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

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Aug 10, 2020
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Trip Moments

Xiao Lian   
Anren Ancient Town | Another kind of country wind Anren is the most special one, in the ancient town I have been to. The antique building is not like a flying raft. It is a small ancient town dominated by the folk style. Everything is simple and elegant. The strange thing is that this style is more than an antique building to taste the taste of an old time. is probably a very small number of tourists, and there is no reason why it has been meticulously carved. When I step into the ancient town of Anren, it is a different kind of wonderful feeling. Everything is old, roadside The grandfather sold his homemade spicy tofu, and the storefront business on the main road was deserted. The store did not attract customers, and he made a bunch of chats about himself. The kind of feeling is probably derived from the "grounding gas" here, without the whitewash, but the real peace of mind. was built in the Tang Dynasty, and now we can see the old-style neighborhoods and buildings built in the early Republic of China. The Anren Theatre, built with gray brick walls, is one of the landmark buildings. We walked through the trails like residential houses nearby, the wooden thresholds were very old, and the iron rings on the doors were old and nice. is also funny, nowadays, everything is new, even the antique buildings are shiny, we like these old. Transportation: Buy a bus ticket from the tea shop passenger terminal to Anren Ancient Town, the fare is 15 yuan, and the journey takes about 1 hour. There is still a distance to the ancient town after the bus station in Anren, and all the cars will be parked at the entrance. One person can send the entrance to the ancient town for four or five yuan. It is worth reminding that the last bus back to Chengdu is about 5 stores, so you need to grasp the return time. No tickets, Liu's manor time is different from the open garden. When we go, the old public is open, and the ticket is 30 yuan. The country's national wind Anren ancient town is quite unique, the current popularity of the ancient town is not particularly high, so visitors will not be too much, recommend a go.
Posted: Sep 8, 2019
There are European castles, green meadows, sparkling lakes and colourful flower fields. . . . . . There are mountain cross-country, forest zip lines, grass slides, and children's playgrounds. . . . . . There are turbulent water, colorful waterfalls, virgin forests, and wild animals. . . . . . In the summer when the heat is hard to bear, it is only 25 degrees here. This is the Xiling Snow Mountain in Dayi County, about 90 kilometers away from Chengdu City. More than 2,000 meters above sea level, around 20 degrees temperature, beautiful scenery, pleasant environment, is the most suitable place for summer around Chengdu. The Xiling Snow Mountain in summer has many fun projects, ATV buggy, hot air balloon, four-wheeled scooter, rock climbing, archery, zipline, grass slide, Zorb ball, spider car and so on. You can take the cableway to the Sun Moon Ping, Yin and Yang boundary view; you can take a photo in the lake castle flower field; you can also enjoy the cool holiday time in the hotel surrounded by forests and flowers. Blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green waters, pink castles are hidden in the meantime, full of exotic style, take a shot, the scenery is like a postcard. Recently, there are a large number of large flower fields near Yingxue Square. The beautiful people in Manshan are open to the public, which is a good time to take pictures of flowers. There are still a lot of net red punching cards in the scenic area, castles, bridges, hanging baskets, sculptures... all the shots are beautiful! There are also some children's play projects in the scenic area, which is very suitable for friends who travel at home. Tips
Posted: Aug 12, 2019