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Dazaifu Tenmangū Shrine
On the seashore, the ancient shrine Tianman Palace is famous for offering the god of learning, "Sugawara Shinji." Every year, visitors who come to pray for a smooth academic year and pass the exam are constantly coming. As one of Fukuoka's most famous attractions, the Dazaifu Tenmangu Palace receives about 7 million visitors each year, and there are many overseas tourists from Japan. The first arched Taigu Bridge represents a bumpy "past"; there is a flat bridge in the middle, indicating a calm "now"; the third is a Taigu Bridge, indicating a "future" full of hope and difficulty. . The meaning is to see through the ups and downs of life. Next to the Taigu Bridge, there is a wooden building in the Muromachi era (about 600 years ago), called "Shiga", which is antique and looks like a visit. Enter the Tianman Palace to clean the mouth, remember to use the tweezers to pour out the water and wash it on your hands. Do not wash directly in the pool, because the water inside is drinkable. Steps: Pick up the spoon in your right hand and fill it with water. First wash your left hand with one third, then wash your right hand with one third, then one third can drink or pat the face. really was not only a prime minister at the time, but also a famous literati at that time. The level of Chinese poetry was first-class and the level of songs was first-rate. Therefore, the Tianman Palace that sacrificed him became a place to seek "study progress", and Sugawara was also named "Raytheon" and "God of Learning". The painting horses are all kinds of prayers for further studies and examinations, as well as for further studies and job hunting. It is a local landscape. There are many old trees in the shrine, and the seasons in the winter and spring are the best places to enjoy the plum. The trees are green and the waters are green and clear, accompanied by the wind and rain of the Dazaifu in the past 100 years.
Shirley Zhu
Dazaifu Tenmangū Shrine
There is a plum tree in front of the main hall of the Tenmangu Shrine. It blooms in spring every year. It is said that it is flying from Kyoto here, so it is called "Feimei". The opposite of "Feimei" is another plum tree, which was given by the then queen, also known as "Queen Mei." 6000 Multiple trees will divide the Tianman Palace into several areas, and there are many tourist attractions, such as the Taoshan era style bastion. The temple is also the cemetery of the Suiyuan Daozhen, the god tree named Feimei, which is collected at the national level. The treasures of the cultural relics, etc., the four seasons of flowers are in full bloom. There are also many sacrificial activities every year, such as the sacred festival of the first month, the ghost festival, the banquet of the spring water, and the god-fortunate festival in the fall. This institution acts as the defense and diplomacy of Kyushu. The prince was appointed as an honorable handsome, and the aunt was a substantial sergeant. Since the right minister Sugawara Shinji, the power of the Dazaifu has always been the sin of the minister and the leftward position. Since the construction of the former guardian Wu Teng since the Kamakura, the generations of the ancestors and the Shaohao family jointly played the role of the slain. In the fight against Shaohao, Zhou Fangda, who is in charge of the righteousness, dominated Kitakyushu and obtained permission from the court to apply for his superior Dazai Daxie.
Dazaifu Government Office mark
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