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Things To Do in Dazhou

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滇国剑客Bashan Grand Canyon is a strange geographical environment, rumours of the special nature of the scenery, with the canyon characteristics of the deep scenery, visitors deep into it, as if into a strange water world.
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189***68In order to live away from home, I have been seeking development in Guangdong after graduation. This time I went home to Batai Mountain in Wanyuan, Dazhou, above the high mountains. On October 22nd, snowflakes were flying all over the sky, and there was thick snow on the ground. I have not seen it for many years. It's snowing, it's beautiful!
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滇国剑客It's a bit of a mystery, but really the scenery is really good. The whole scenic spot is in a natural state, it's this state of no one's "disturbing", which makes the original ecology of the scenery very well protected.
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滇国剑客Wufengshan Guojia Forest Park, the forest resources and natural vegetation coverage of the slopes are very extensive, has a general impact, and the oxygen in the forest is very high, come here equal to Tianjin oxygen, very popular with tourists.
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mrmao6668you can't miss this mountain if you come to Dazhou. Local have deep respect for it and it's a must to visit it.
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滇国剑客The world of Heming Lake Hot Spring Water is a place of pleasure with the theme of hot spring water, and the hot spring water in this place has special health care function, for skin disease has special therapeutic effect.

Popular Hotels in Dazhou

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People's ParkDazhou,China

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Feiyun Hot Spring (West Gate)Dazhou,China

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Xuanhanxian Echeng Zhuhai ParkDazhou,China

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Shuizhimeng Hot SpringDazhou,China

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Xuanhan Wang Weizhou Memorial HallDazhou,China

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Qingxi Town Huangjiabayan Ecological FarmDazhou,China

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About Dazhou

Dazhou is situated in the east of Sichuan province. The county was established over 1900 years ago in the Eastern Han dynasty. The area is rich in natural resources and produces a large number of agricultural crops including ramie, citron daylily, olives and Chinese mahogany. Major attractions include Batai Mountain, Longtan River, Congren Valley, Bashan Gorge, bronze age ruins that were once home to the Ba people, and the ancient town of Dangqu.

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Here are the best places to visit in Dazhou, including: Hundred Mile Gap,Batai Mountain,Congren Valley Scenic Area
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