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Things To Do in Dazhu

Wufeng Mountain National Park
39 Reviews
M23***16Go to the hotel in the joy of Dazhuxia. The hotel is clean and comfortable, the service is warm, and the local tourist attractions at the front desk are consulted. The front desk recommends Wufengshan National Forest Park, Huanxiping Resort... Considering the elderly people who choose Wufengshan Park, the mountain is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. Different varieties of bamboo show different attitude! The kids were so much fun! Well worth a visit!
Haiming Lake Hot Spring Water World
267 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
_We***24Among them, the hot spring hotel is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the scenery is pleasant, as if you are in a natural forest oxygen bar, with lush mountains and picturesque scenery. 98 sets of soup houses with rich Zen culture are scattered around Baidao Lake, making people feel like they are in a country manor-style bamboo art hall, showing elegance and charm in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
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Congren Valley Scenic Area
190 Reviews
Geological Sites
顺时针1986Huren Valley Scenic Area, a national AAAA-level tourist area, a provincial-level scenic spot in Sichuan Province, a provincial-level forest park, and a provincial-level eco-tourism demonstration area. Located 26 kilometers east of Quxian County, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, in the north-central section of the Huaying Mountains, it covers an area of 41 square kilometers, with wonderful mountains, beautiful waters, quiet caves, Li Gorges, waterfalls, lakes, springs, strange rocks, and ancient houses. , Maolin is known as the "Little Jiuzhai" in Eastern Sichuan. The Xi people are a group of ethnic minorities with far-reaching influence in the eastern Sichuan region in ancient times, and they are also the oldest indigenous people in Qu County. They created the culture of the Chinese people, and left the ruins of the capital city of the Chinese state, the Hanque, the wine and other precious national cultural heritages. In order to commemorate their martial arts spirit, the name of Yinrengu came from this. Ziren Valley has the only Zinren cave dwelling tribe site and the Zinren cultural exhibition hall in the country, and it has the reputation of "wonderful mountains, strange waters and strange rocks, ancient Chinese ancient caves and ancient tribes". The location of the scenic spot is relatively remote and the traffic is not very convenient, so self-driving is strongly recommended. Coming from Chengdu or Chongqing by car, get off at Quxian intersection, and then take the county road to Tuxi. It takes more than three hours. It’s relatively close from Dazhou. Take a 5 yuan train ticket to Quxian Station and get off at the station outside the train station. At the intersection, take a bus to Longtang Township (Quxian Railway Station is built on the outskirts of the city, far from the city, and the bus must go to the small square or intersection outside the station). Entrance ticket for Huren Valley is 80 yuan per person. If you charter a car, you don't need a ticket. The chartered driver can directly pull tourists to the farmhouse in the innermost part of the scenic spot, which is quite a bargain. Huren Valley looks like a valley as a whole. The innermost part of the valley is the gathering place for farmhouses. There are many farmhouses here, so it is highly recommended that you can stay here for one night after you finish your visit.
Qinghe Ancient Town
19 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
_CF***00In fact, the old streets were covered with artificially polished stone slabs about 700*700 cm, which were removed. Now the office of the township government is where Fan Ji's parents and original spouse live. It is a courtyard with a combination of Chinese and Western culture. Unfortunately, it was demolished by people with ulterior motives. According to rumors, there are treasures in Fan's underground. I dug the ground three feet and found nothing, but my family was persecuted. The current buildings are really ugly, and I still want to use Fan's prestige for tourism. It’s better to go during the summer vacation. Qinghe is a big river facing the township government, but now it is blocked by the messy houses built by the river. Behind is a small river, in summer you can go barefoot to catch small fish, and children feel safe.
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Huaying Mountain
1,105 Reviews
布晓呆On the same day, there was a big fog on the mountain. When the scenic spot opened, there were no tourists up the mountain, and the first one entered the scenic spot. This scenic spot has been for nearly 2 hours. There was no one who came across. The big scenic spot, only a few scenic staff, was so wrapped in the scenic spot in the morning. The most famous scenic spot is Sanyitang, a thousand-year kiss, the creation of wonders, worth seeing.
Nearby City
Tianyi Valley
1,032 Reviews
金哥V铁马📍Detailed address: Located in Sujia Village, Ganba Township, Linshui County, Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, at the southern foot of the main peak of Huaying Mountain, 20 kilometers away from Linshui County. 💳Tickets: 110 yuan, 70 yuan for online purchases, parking fee: 10 yuan. 🕐Opening time 7:30-17:00, 16:30 stop entering the park; play time: recommended 3-4 hours. 🚙Traffic strategy: The shuttle bus can take the shuttle bus to Ganba Township in Linshui County; self-driving navigation "Tianyi Valley", Linshui County will go to Tianyi Valley, go to Linshui South Expressway, Chongqing direction to Tianyi Valley and get off at Tantong Expressway, Go to the 210 National Highway and follow the navigation instructions. The road conditions are good. 🌸 Tianyi Valley Scenic Area, formerly known as Huaying Mountain Grand Canyon, 4A tourist scenic area, the total area of the scenic area is about 20 square kilometers, and the scenic area is 400-1100 meters above sea level. The Tianyi Valley has a relative height of 700 meters, warm in winter and cool in summer, and the four seasons are like spring. 🌸Tianyi Valley is a geological landscape formed after meeting the faulted layer of karst landform with the first-rate water of thousands of peaks in Huaying Mountain. The entire canyon is winding, steep and deep, with waterfalls, karst caves, lush forests, bamboos, and all kinds of weird rocks. The multi-colored peaks constitute the grand canyon’s magnificent and magnificent wonders. There are countless in the valley just a few kilometers. The wonders of caves and waterfalls. 🌟The main attractions include Fuchen Waterfall, Fei Waterfall Yingbin, Shimenguan, Laolongtan Waterfall, Dijiao Gorge, Tiansheng Bridge, Tianxin Cave, Tianhe Cave, Wangyue Waterfall, Chuanxin Cave, Tianmu, Tianfo, Tianhe, etc. Features of the scenic spot: Tianhe in the hole in Tianyi Valley is a rare waterfall in the hole in the world, and it can be called the first in Asia. "Natural stone buddha"-the natural stone buddha formed by dripping water for hundreds of millions of years is the best in the world. 👣The one-way trip from the ticket gate to the last core attraction "Tianhe in the Cave" is about 3 kilometers. There is no transportation in the scenic area. Basically, it is a round-trip walk on the original road. Although it is a hiking tour all the way, the overall elevation is only about 300 meters. Stop and go without feeling too tired. There are many waterfalls along the way in the scenic spot. Generally, the roads and rivers above the waterfalls are slow. In summer, you can choose a relatively safe riverside to play in the water. ⚠️tips🔸 Tianyi Valley Scenic Area and Huaying Mountain Scenic Area are adjacent to each other, one is under the mountain and the other is on the mountain. The two scenic spots are only 18 kilometers away and can be passed by small cars. 🔸Tianyi Valley is a canyon-like scenery, which is cooler and suitable for summer. 🔸Some trails in the scenic area have dripping water for a long time, which is relatively slippery. Please note that you can also wear anti-skid sandals for walking, which is convenient for playing in the river.

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Wufeng Mountain National Park
Wufeng Mountain National ParkDazhou,China

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Qinghe Ancient Town
Qinghe Ancient TownDazhou,China

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Baitayi Amusement Park
Baitayi Amusement ParkDazhou,China

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Shuxi Huahui Yuanlin Yanjiusuo Dazhu Shengchan Base
Shuxi Huahui Yuanlin Yanjiusuo Dazhu Shengchan BaseDazhou,China

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Yunwu Mountain of Dazhu
Yunwu Mountain of DazhuDazhou,China

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Haiming Lake Hot Spring Water World
Haiming Lake Hot Spring Water WorldDazhou,China

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Dazhu Travel Tips

About Dazhu

Dazhu County is located to the south of Dazhou in the east of Sichuan. It takes its name from the Chinese word for bamboo, which grows prolifically here. Qinghe Ancient Town is the hometown of Fan Shaozeng, the patriotic military general from the Second Sino-Japanese War. The east and west of the ancient town are joined by Ha’er Street, which was built during the Ming dynasty. The unique style of this old street is shared along its entire length. There are also natural scenic spots such as Mount Wufeng National Forest Park and Yunwu Mountain.

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Dazhu Weather

Apr 10, 2021
12 ~ 16
Apr 11, 2021
Light rain
12 / 16
Apr 12, 2021
13 / 20
Apr 13, 2021
Light rain
13 / 17
Apr 14, 2021
Light rain
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Apr 15, 2021
14 / 18
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dazhu
Apr 10, 2021 Dazhu Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:100%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:30/19:16
Dazhu Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low
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