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Things To Do in Dehua

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Geological Sites
M37***69Good value for money, overall great, good scenery, fun, I feel very good, the first time I took the cable car, just a little panic, the back feels very exciting, the top does not have the cable car, directly run up and down, a little lack of oxygen, then when I took the cable car, I recovered, and went to play with the heart of the sky, I saw a promotional film, beautiful woman hang waiya. I ran the whole path, about 25,000 steps.
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Rock Monument
M26***57The scenery is still good. The weather is cool in the summer mountain. In the winter, you can see the fog. The hotel in the scenic area is very convenient at the door. There are also basketball courts and children's outdoor amusement parks near the hotel. There are also several restaurants at the entrance of the scenic area. The price is also very affordable. In short, it is very suitable for weekend vacation.
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_We***82Daixian Waterfall, the most spectacular waterfall in South China; under the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green waters, Daixian will give you a clean world! From Daixian Waterfall, board the ropeway and head straight to Shiniu Mountain. That is the spiritual land of Taoism!
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ANNIEThere are eleven rapids in the whole session, two hours, most of the advection is to row by yourself, but it is very comfortable to lie down on the boat when the sun is out! There are shades, the water is light blue and clean! You can also jump and swim! Because they are basically wet, bring clothes to change! Change slippers, it is not difficult that the shoes will get wet, the car keys and mobile phone money must be wrapped in a waterproof bag, it is not difficult that the pants will get wet! There are security personnel in every link, so children can play without being too dangerous!
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zixunshi99After visiting the Shiniu Mountain Forest Park, we came all the way down, and then came to this Peach Blossom Island. In fact, many places in our country are called Peach Blossom Island. The natural landscape is also good, and you can also eat local food.
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DIY Classes
旅行or自由The Hanlin Ceramics Experience Hall is located on the second floor of the Ceramic City of the Dehua Hanlin Mansion. It integrates ceramic art DIY experience, ceramic culture appreciation, and ceramic product sales. The museum is divided into three parts: experience area, exhibition hall and ceramic cultural space. Here, visitors can understand the profound ceramic culture of Dehua through the explanations in the museum and the display of works by teachers and students.

Popular Hotels in Dehua

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Shilongxi DriftingQuanzhou,China

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Dehua Hao Lai Deng Tianrun Hot Spring ResortQuanzhou,China

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Jiuxian Mountain Scenic AreaQuanzhou,China

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Dehua Ceramics MuseumQuanzhou,China

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Lingjiuyan TempleQuanzhou,China

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Daiyun MountainQuanzhou,China

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Dehua Travel Tips

About Dehua

Dehua, located in the northwest of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, is known worldwide for its porcelain and was once one of the three ancient capitals of Chinese porcelain, together with Jingde Town, Jiangxi and Liling, Hunan. Deming’s famous Yueji Kiln is over 400 years old and is a living fossil of the dragon or “climbing kiln” (long yao). Dehua boasts gorgeous scenery, including many mountains and abundant water sources. Other famous attractions in Dehua include Jiuxian (“Nine Divinities”) Mountain and the Daiyun (“Wearing Clouds”) Mountain National Nature Preserve.

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Here are the best places to visit in Dehua, including: Shiniu Mountain Scenic Area,Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area,Shilongxi Drifting
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