Deqing County is in northwest Guangdong Province, bordering Gaoyao County to the east and Huaiji County to the north. Deqing County is famous in Guangdong history and culture. It is rich in natural and mineral resources and abounds in tourist attractions. The county is famous for its “Flower World Warm Mineral Spring Resort,” the Deqing Confucian Temple, and the Longmu Zumiao (“Mother of Dragons Ancestral Temple”). Local specialty snacks in Deqing include delicious zhugaofen (“bamboo pole rice noodles” - named for how they are hung up on a bamboo pole to dry) and wontons.
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Things To Do in Deqing

Longmu Imperial Ancestral Temple
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Yannis_YipDuring the National Day holiday, the Dragon Mother Temple was full of incense, and many people lined up to enter. Make an appointment on the public account "Guangdong Deqing Yuecheng Dragon Mother Ancestral Temple" and make an appointment for the entrance time and the number of people. Driving to the door is called a classic. The whole street sells incense and candles. You want to rush to the front of the car, just let your car park in front of his house, enter the store for consumption, and get off and enter the store. There are consumer requirements. They all started in a hundred. In fact, there are free parking spaces in front of the temple. It is relatively cheap to buy incense candles without parking, about 38 yuan. The architectural sculptures in the temple are very vivid, similar to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou. Different statues tell different stories. It is worth seeing inside. Moreover, the dragon mother is very effective, so many people come to pray for blessing.
Panlongxia Ecological Tourism Zone
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璀璨vs人生Panlongxia Eco-tourism Zone is located in the northwest of Deqing County, Guangdong Province, about 28 kilometers away from the county seat. The entire eco-tourism zone covers an area of 30,000 mu. This is a primitive natural eco-tourism area with lush ancient trees in the scenic area. The second-level national protected plant Alsophila spinulosa is all over it, and it is the shooting base of Guangdong Photographers Association. The content of negative air ions in the Canyon reaches 1.25 billion per cubic meter, making it the largest natural oxygen reservoir in South China. Panlongxia Eco-Tourism Zone, with its unique natural ecological resource endowments such as mountains, water, and forests, has successfully developed warrior rafting, waterfall sightseeing, canyon drinking, the country’s largest waterwheel group, and the country’s most stylish mountain-top wooden house resort Lavender Wood House Kingdom Hotel, Panlong Paradise Resort Hotel, Zipline, Forest Water World and other ecological leisure tourism products.
Deqing Palace
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Memorial Temple
205***61The Confucian Temple, which was built in the year of Song Xiangfu in 1011, was rebuilt in the year of Yuan Dade in 1297, and it has passed through many Confucius Temples and Confucian Temples throughout the country. The Confucian Temple is famous for its wooden structure of Dacheng Hall in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. It is well worth seeing and is a treasure of ancient Chinese architecture. The other temples are newly built, and the lions at the door are from the Song Dynasty. But to say that such ancient architectural and cultural holy places to charge 30 yuan is really to let the stench of copper insult the confucian name. Deqing departments concerned to visit other confucian temples around the country to see how much is charged.
Deqing Panlong Valley
Other Sightseeing Tours
Sanyuan Pagoda
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Historical Site
Ancient Pagoda
张以Leaning on the beautiful Xijiang River, with green trees and quiet winding scriptures, it has a profound historical heritage, a calm atmosphere and a self-contained atmosphere. It is an important scenic spot in Deqing. Under the careful maintenance of the local government, the main building, the Sanyuan Tower, is well maintained. Xinjing.
Jinlin Shuixiang
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Historical Architecture
张以June 15 is the annual polder day in Guanxu Town, Deqing County. The trading venue is located on the small road from Guanxu Township Road to the scenic spots in Jinlin Water Town. The main products are traditional productions. Please see the picture. The customers are mainly locals. , Deqing people who live out often come back to join in the fun

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Longmu Imperial Ancestral Temple
Longmu Imperial Ancestral TempleZhaoqing,China

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Panlongxia Ecological Tourism Zone
Panlongxia Ecological Tourism ZoneZhaoqing,China

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Deqing Palace
Deqing PalaceZhaoqing,China

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Deqing Panlong Valley
Deqing Panlong ValleyZhaoqing,China

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Sanyuan Pagoda
Sanyuan PagodaZhaoqing,China

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Jinlin Shuixiang
Jinlin ShuixiangZhaoqing,China

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Deqing Weather

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Deqing
Jan 27, 2021 Deqing Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:67%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:15/18:17
Deqing Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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