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Things To Do in Abashiri

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
E21***50Floating ice on the sea is fun. The weather in Shiretoko is just right in March. It's not too cold, but it's not too hot to melt the ice. We signed up for a one-day tour here. The price is reasonable. The local guide is very responsible. Only the tour guide can only speak Japanese—_— In short, floating on ice is a rare experience. Wearing a special buoyancy suit will not be cold in the ice at all!
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不回首During this trip to Hokkaido, what I look forward to most is to see drift ice on an icebreaker. With seagulls and drift ice, this trip is worthwhile. The ship has three floors, and the lowest level is the closest to drift ice. It is the wind and the cold. After watching it, I hide in the cabin to keep warm, and then come out to continue to capture the beauty of ice and snow.
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享旅世界This Abashiri Prison Museum is located at the foot of Mount Tiandu, a suburb of Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan. It is an open museum converted from a real prison with a history of more than 100 years. Tickets are required to enter the museum. It belongs to the Abashiri Tour Bus Line The first attraction. In the past, some labor and living facilities in Abashiri Prison were scattered all over the hillside. Most of them have been damaged over time, but what we see now is rebuilt intact. There is a modern prison history hall in the museum, which systematically introduces the history of Abashiri prison and the situation of supervision facilities. The most important cultural relic in the Abashiri Prison Museum is a well-preserved prison. Unlike other cells that are neatly arranged, this cell has a spoke-like structure.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼This is called the most terminal in the world. It is on the Nosuke Peninsula, which is famous for its peculiar terrain in the east of Hokkaido. It is only 16 kilometers away from Kunashir Island on the opposite shore. After the Second World War, it was occupied by Russia, and the border issue with Japan until now has not been resolved after a long time.
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Modern Architecture
suifeng2019The location of Beibin Station is very good. It is located in the center of the bay and the nearest is only a few meters away from the coast. Coming to the waiting room, the walls here are plastered with blessings and wishes from tourists.
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张高秋The Drift Ice Pavilion is divided into two parts: the ground and the underground. The underground is the introduction of Abashiri Drift Ice. This is the southernmost point of Drift Ice. There are films and exhibitions. There is also an experience hall. In an environment of more than ten degrees below zero, towels can freeze immediately. . There is an observatory on the ground, and you can see the Shiretoko Peninsula, Lake Abashiri, Lake Notor, etc. It is very spectacular.

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Cape NotoroAbashiri,Japan

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Mokoto Station BuildingAbashiri,Japan

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Himaka IslandAbashiri,Japan

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Hunting CruiseAbashiri,Japan

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Apt4 ShotengaiAbashiri,Japan

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Tonaki IslandAbashiri,Japan

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Shiretoko is a peninsula in the northeast corner of Hokkaido, which is listed as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO. In summer, you can go out to sea to watch whales, and in winter, you can walk in the snow or on the drift ice. It's a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and is very suitable for a 2-3 days trip. Getting to Shiretoko’s is not very convenient. You can only take the JR from Kushiro or Abashiri to get there, which takes 3 hours and 1 hour respectively.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 14, 2019

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