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Things To Do in Abazhou

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"Snow Mountain"
avatarchenweiwen"Shuangqiao Valley is located in the Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area in Xiaojin County. The Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area consists of Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. The total length of more than 30 kilometers, the area of 216.6 square kilometers of Shuangqiao Valley scenery, the most concentrated, the most attractive. In the 30-kilometer-long double bridge ditch, mountains like this are abundant. Painting mouth has the potzhuang mountain, the snail near the salmon dam, penguin mouth, the pointed knife mountain... However, the ditch inside both sides are mountains, but the mountains are different, the ditch inside all the scenery, and the scenery is different, it can be said that "the side of the ridge into peaks, far and near different heights." In the 400-meter-elevation Shuangqiao Valley, there are alpine forests, cypress, poplar, and sequoia, as well as spruce, fir, redwood, and seabuckthorn, shrub, and larch, as well as the common alpine forests in the low mountain areas. The three-dimensionally distributed plant is combined with the male and strange mountain. It is the eight major landscapes of Shuangqiaogou including Wuse Mountain."
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avatarLxy60"July the red plain is the most beautiful season of the year, the grassland area is vast, the grassland is abundant, the local Tibetan-Tuo people in order to protect the grassland to protect the Yangtze River has been active action, "protect the Yangtze River, love my nature" has been deeply popular. The present red plain is called "gold and silver beach" on the plateau."
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avatar穿白衬衣的薄荷星"Sichuan Private Driving Line | The Magic Middle Earth Lianbaoye has been deeply regretted in the driver's self-driving map, that is, the god's back garden in Qinghai, the Baoyu; has not been able to visit, due to serious environmental damage, from 2018 indefinite closure. Sichuan one side of Aba County, the Lianbao leaves and the name of Nianbao Yu, the same geographical features of the Bayankala Mountain branch, is the last two years just developed relatively unforgettable niche scenic spot, Wanwan did not expect, this through the strange peak stone, driving in the world like the devil's self-driving journey, Extremely shocking! ⛰️ Lianbaoye means the peak of jade stone, the highest peak is more than 5100 meters above sea level; there are currently three tour routes in the scenic area: 1️⃣ Zha'ercuo 2️⃣ Longyancuo Rama 3️⃣ Zhumucuo. Za'ercuo is the only lake to drive to, and is the essence. The other two lakes are still under development and can only be hiked. . 🏞Za'ercuo enters the scenic spot soon as Camp No. 1, the two lakes in the canyon are located in the Zangegcuo and Qudengcuo. The scenery is pleasant. The mountain-bound lake, Zha'ercuo, is the essence of the line, driving to Camp No. 2, walking half an hour near the path, or driving to the observation deck 4500 meters across the hill. .📷 Photo location recommended 1️⃣ Scenic Area enters the waterfall stone beach in front of the first lake in about 20km. 2️⃣ There is a S curve next to the zanzangcuo, driving our Lingke 06, aerial road block. 3️⃣ The straight road behind Qudengcuo is facing the Shifeng Forest Group and can enjoy the miracles of the glacier. 4️⃣ The Panshan Road from the Zha'ercuo parking lot to the observation deck is the most dangerous scenery. 5️⃣ Go up the path on the top of the mountain opposite Zha'ercuo, and sit on the stone and take a photo with Zha'ercuo; Long Jiao can take a crystal clear lake and the cliff of knife and axe. . 🚙 Navigation Search: Lianbao Ye is the Stone Mountain Scenic Area, 1 hour drive from Aba County. 🚗 Scenic Area Traffic: From the ticket office to the end of the self-driving Zagarcuo, 30 minutes self-driving. 💰 Tickets: peak season April-November: 120 yuan / off-season December-March: 60 yuan / person. 🚗 Self-driving itinerary: Chengdu Wali County, Hongyuan County, Yongaba County, Chengdu, Yonglang Yi Temple, Yongle Mo Temple, Lianbao Ye (three days) ⭐ Surrounding attractions: ◾ Langyi Temple: Famous Yongzhong Benzen Temple, at the top of the mountain viewing platform near the temple, It is especially good to see the sunrise. ◾ Gemo Temple: The size of the temple building is large, and two Gini records have been obtained. ⚠️ Xiaoteshi 1️⃣ Lianbao leaves are not clear during the rainy season, and the rain temperature drops to zero in an instant. It is recommended that you bring warm clothes. 2️⃣ There is only one hotel and hotel at the entrance of the scenic spot, and there is no hot water. It is recommended to live in a better Aba County. 3️⃣ The highest point walk in the scenic spot exceeds 4500 meters, don't exercise vigorously, prevent high anti-gain. 4️⃣ There are designated campsite in the scenic area. When you buy tickets, you need to explain. You will charge 20 yuan for camping. You must take away the garbage when you leave. Don't repeat the mistakes. Turn into Baoyu in the next year."
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avatarlulux"Namu Lake is one of the first places to visit after entering the Bipenggou Scenic Area. There is the only hot spring hotel in the scenic area, with public hot spring areas and ski resorts. It is simply a fairy enjoyment in winter: it is clear after the snow. , The blue sky, white clouds and snowy peaks stand in the sky, the air is fresh, and the valley is a white world like a fairy tale world. If you stay at the Namu Lake Hot Spring Hotel, you can enjoy the feeling of chartering the scenic spot. In the early morning, people who are destined can see the sunshine and Jinshan, while the night is silent and silent, and the starry sky and the galaxy on the plateau are shining. It will bring you who have been living in the city for a long time. There are many activities in winter, skiing, playing in the snow, bathing in hot springs... Living in the scenic area will have additional scenery blessings: beautiful morning light, twilight and starry sky at night. Welfare bonus for living in the scenic spot: You can drive to the Namu Lake Hot Spring Hotel by self-driving; entrance fees and hot spring tickets are already included in the room rate, and you can also enjoy the convenience of taking a battery car to the nearby Longwanghai several times. The most important point is that there is a hot spring pool in the room, so you can soak in the hot spring 24 hours a day! ! ! A scenic hotel worthy of Amway."

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Autumn winds announce the arrival of spectacular colors across Sichuan Province. If you've wanted to visit, this is arguably the best time of year. But where's the best place to go? Xinduqiao in Kangding County? Yading National Reserve in Daocheng County? Are you the type to avoid large crowds? There's plenty of untrammeled wilderness in the wilds of Sichuan!
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Aba (阿坝), a county within the jurisdiction of Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, is steeped in Tibetan and Qiang folk customs. The organic blending of these highly characteristic folk cultures with the beautiful natural surroundings forms the basis of Aba's unique and abundant tourism offerings. Notable attractions include the Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟) Scenic Area, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, the Huanglong (黄龙) Reserve, and the Wolong (卧龙) National Nature Reserve.

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Here are the best places to visit in Abazhou, including: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area,Bipeng Valley,Dagu Holy-glacier
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