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South Australia
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Things To Do in Adelaide Hills Council

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pxy0705Cleland Wildlife Park is a famous zoo in Adelaide. In addition to many unique animals in Australia, there are also large wild animals from the African savannah. There are many species and they are very popular with children. It is worth visiting Take a tour.
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Ancient Settlement
7racymoonIn the German town, although the red leaves are the best season, but other seasons have other seasons of beauty. Although only a short street, but into every shop, there are holes in the sky. Strong German style.
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pxy0705The Penfolds Winery in Adelaide, Magall Estate, is one of the famous branch estates of Penfolds Winery. The fourth series and seventh series of Penfolds produced here are the top grades of Penfolds. Here you can taste the real Penfolds brand wine, the taste is very mellow, and you can also visit their vineyards. Watching their wine making process is very meaningful and worthwhile.
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coo***anAt night, you can overlook the night view of the entire city of Adelaide. During the day, you can see the scenery of the entire city in the morning. The mountain road is not difficult to drive, but you can see a large area of night view. Arrive in 30 minutes
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队长 大使馆The Art Gallery of South Australia, established as the National Gallery of South Australia in 1881, is located in Adelaide.It is the most significant visual arts museum in the Australian state of South Australia.
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绿水青衫Adelaide in October is the season of spring. The beauty of the Dorrance River at this moment can only be known by personal experience. I come here on my own. I like to go to the Dorrance River in the morning, watching the wild duck family, the ducklings and the ducklings cross the path in groups, swinging to the river; watching the Australian magpies flying between the trees Fly away. Their cries are peculiar, like the early-made alarm clocks, so they are also called "magpies" with large white mouths and conspicuous; rainbow parrots are desperately eating flowers and nectar; pelicans are combing their feathers on the shore, completely ignoring the passing pedestrians A warning sign hung on the tree saying that there are flying foxes nearby, so that everyone is careful not to be attacked by flying foxes; the rising sun is shining on the archery practice range by the river; on the sparkling river, young people are practicing rowing early in the morning Boat; a small bridge that is only two or three people wide across the water, and there is the University of Adelaide.