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Things To Do in Aershan

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National Park
蕾羹I wanted to go to Alshan early, because I saw various beautiful pictures, super grass, you are a donkey group when the National Day, follow out. It is really not easy to go to Alshan, you have to take the train to White City, then transfer, very troublesome to go to a difficult trip. But there are also direct flights to Alshan, which may be more expensive. We went during the National Day, the feeling of going was late, the leaves were all gone, there is no autumn scenery, really sorry, it is so hard to go so far, I feel a little disappointed, so I feel that everyone must choose a good time if they want to go. Although the scenery is a little worse, the husband's photo-repair technology has perfected it. It may have the most beautiful scene. The circle of friends is amazing, so I suspect that the photos on the Internet are also big after p. The accommodation in the scenic area is very poor, there is no decent hotel, all are homestays. When I went, I was building a road, the infrastructure was very poor, and the road was very bad. The scenic car got off work a little early, it was not dark yet. It was the time of the scenery that he was running out of car and had to go back quickly. It was a bit cold when I went to the National Day, it is recommended that everyone wear more clothes.
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走遍天下XZThe Hump Mountain Tianchi (Datianchi) is undoubtedly the most beautiful scenery in Alshan. Because the traffic is too long, many tour groups will not go, but will choose to go to the nearer Alshan Tianchi (Xiaotianchi), which is the one printed on the ticket, but this is the angle of the drone aerial photography. In fact, only flat-looking, not a bit of the effect, and Hump Mountain Tianchi can be attached along the ridge of the ring-crime path with different angles, experience the explosion!
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Kuaile-11The total area of Aershan Orenbukan Scenic Area is 256km2. The grasslands, forests, volcanoes, glaciers, wetlands, sea of flowers and lakes are integrated in the scenic area. Completely preserved the historical imprint of the lost civilization of Tunguska. Worship the gods and believe in shamans. The scenic area includes a variety of fantasy experiences such as tribal visits, black forest crossing, wild river rafting, container theme hotels, self-driving camps, star rooms, functional hot springs, self-driving cross-country, and ancient volcanic rock barbecues. The Orembukan Scenic Area is the filming location of "Brothers Run" through the Black Forest. It is also an excellent location for bicycle camps and wild river rafting. You can also find the Orumbukan tribe and experience the Orumbukan cuisine!
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M43***57Tickets for the scenic spot are now half price, 40 per person. The scenic spots are all winding mountain roads, and there is snow now, for safety, I really recommend taking off-road vehicles in the scenic spots. I also added the WeChat of the off-road vehicle master, and selected a few photos taken by the master. But I really want to see this place. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, there is no beauty that the eyes can see. The boardwalk is still a bit slippery due to the snow. So slow down and be safe. It still feels good. Recommended.
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shanjunbjuliIt's pretty good, many places are not open, it's pretty good to rest. The hot spring water is also slippery, it is a real hot spring. The second floor is completely closed. The small fish and rest area on the 3rd floor are nice. Arshan’s entire consumption is very high, there is no way, only 5 months of business a year. The boss who ate at noon said that it is difficult to survive in ordinary restaurants. Everything is expensive.
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走遍天下XZDujuan Lake, in the seven scenic spots of Al Mountain, Dujuan Lake certainly is not the most famous, but I also like it very much, in a cloudy weather, watching the clear lake reflected in the white clouds, the heart melted. The air in the lake area is very fresh and clear, and even the trees on the opposite hill can see it. Although the azalea season is over, the lake is eternal!